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Saturday, May 18, 2013

photostory friday: the change up : the scrapbooking edition

some time back in 2009, i commandeered our dining room for my scrap room

as you can see, i'd already taken over a corner

it's a great spot, although i wish my neighbour would CUT DOWN her BLEEPING TREE!!!

note the accumulation of 'stuff' over the years

 this is/was my office which is a part of the family room

my 'struggle' (if you can call it that!) is that when i wanted to journal a story on the computer, i'd need to move between the rooms, invariably getting distracted

a couple of years back, i moved the computer ONTO my scrap desk

all that happened then, was that everyone sat at my scrap desk and i didn't get any scrapping done

the perfect solution i discovered, was if i could get TWO SIDE-BY-SIDE desks into the scrap room

one for the computer and one for scrapping!

mr scrappy thought that an inspired idea

perhaps because he plans for a 'man cave' after i vacated my office...

we immediately found two identical desks on trade me (ebay) and mr scrappy went and picked them up while i was at zumba (what a guy!)

it was the perfect opportunity for a MASSIVE CLEAR OUT

there was just one small problem

basic math...

mr scrappy to the rescue!

AND he vacuumed up the dust!

and so he got his 'man cave'
apparently there's an invisible LASER that zaps anyone woman that passes over the invisible threshold

(which basically involves him making a loud zapping noise as we females of the house test it out!!!)

and here i am at my new computer desk!

also discovering the joys of my new CANON REMOTE CONTROL

AND a timer app for my iphone.

how did i not know this???

thanks alicia for the tips!

sid's found his sweet spot too by the looks of things

scrap room/home office complete!

i've recently added an office chair with wheels so i can scoot between the two desks!


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mandyb said...

i love it!!!
so when am i coming to play!!!
and help ya with ya cameo!!!???

Margot said...

Looks great, Sue. Are we to expect a flood of scrappy creativity now that the impediments of moving between spaces have been removed? Hope so!

cat said...

Oh I need a room like that!