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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

day in the life: august - in actual photos this time!

it occurred to me that i could include the ACTUAL photos i took on this month's day in the life, as well as the collage i send away to ZAZZLE, especially since i used my BIG GIRL CAMERA!!!

i use the PIC STITCH app on my phone to create collages, so that i can get more photos on the 8.5 x 11 photo that i will eventually get printed.  i use the apps OVER IT and BEAUTIFUL MESS to add text.  i think i used INSTA COLLAGE this time too.


we take our zumba so seriously, that on certain days at certain classes we wear a particular coloured top (and/or bottom)

i DID say nerd alert...

i bought these new tops back from my recent trip to the states
#whycan'twehaveamazonhere - waaaaaaaaaah!

we got them good and sweaty on their first outing too!

(yes, there's that photo bomber child again.  NO idea who she belongs too...)

this is what happens when u insist on not putting a PASSWORD LOCK on your phone

under 'gratitude' for today's journalling, it says:

"the bull girls being
asked up onto the stage this morning at zumba by caro"

that's us getting our groove on to sean paul's 'touch the sky'

the family that sweats together...

 and then it was onto zoe's birthday lunch

a VERY late lunch

at this point i was ready to eat my fist


i love how excited she gets about her birthday
EVERYone should be excited about their birthday - no matter what age you are


smile honey!

then it was mikaela's year 12 'ball'
the theme was basically anything, so these guys went as 'the misfits'
it's a tv show
never seen it myself

apparently they're doing community payback (service), get struck by lightening or something then get superpowers.  (i'd get struck by lightening for superpowers).  just sayin'...

mikaela went as 'kelly'

nailed it

....and of course, what's a day in sue's life without food photos?!

breakfast by mr scrappy

zoe's mocha - love the colours of the cup and saucer 

my lunch - fresh roasted fish!

(i inhaled it)

by the end of the day i was a very tired camper

i went to bed at 10 and slept 9 hours!

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mandyb said...

very cool write uP!!!

love the matching tops and all your family on the Zumba stage!!!

great post!!