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Friday, October 11, 2013

day in the life: september

what?  it's october?

oh - you noticed that too eh...

i was going to do my day in the life the day before [on the monday] but i guess i thought nothing was going to happen, so i decided to do it on the tuesday, not realising that monday was the 30th...

..and yes, i know it's called 'day in the life', not 'day when interesting things happen'.

this is what tipped me off - seeing the date on my morning paper - DOH!!!

it was a beautiful spring day and my friend Christine and I stopped off at Petone Beach after our movie to take some pictures.

a few individual shots from the day

check out the feature wall in our lounge!

it's called TURBO - vroom vroom!!!

the lounge and my scrap room (the old dining room) are the last TWO rooms of the house to be redecorated (18 months after the first rooms were painted!)

before and after photos coming once the curtains have been made!

our neighbour's blossom tree - spring has sprung!

the awesomeness that is the CRONUT

brilliant movie.  go see it.

1 comment:

mandyb said...

hahahaha hey at least you did it..... out by one day!!!

love that colour on the walls too!!