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Saturday, April 5, 2014

so here's what's new (part deux)

which brings us to january

because we didn't go camping this year, i was able to spend a crafty weekend in the wairarapa at my friend's olive grove scrapbooking

i also got to spend a few days in another part of wairarapa at my friend's beach house

 then on january 20 SOMEBODY arrived back in the country from a semester at berkeley
SOMEBODY was a little excited

the plane was LATE and we were EARLY
why are the people early and the planes late when you're waiting to see a loved one?

later that day some of us went to the races

it's also the day the earth shook again
there's nothing quite like hearing an earthquake coming over a loud speaker system
(as it did that day at the races)

SUPER.WEIRD and freaky

ps: we did not win any money

the next day my baby turned 16


my baby and i

a week later zoe and i were 'models for a day' and had some professional photos taken
it was a LOT of fun

then on feb 1st, our zumba instructor took a free public class to launch FEBFAST

the following weekend was the SEVENs tournament, where i volunteered at the street parade

(terrible job, as you can see...)

this is the kenyan team.  always popular.

yeah, we made the news too.  the dude in the middle is a tv journalist and his lovely wife goes to zumba with us.  connections people, connections!

also, fun fact: georgia (on the left) and i share a birthday

and this is my friend Steve.  he's the team liaison for fiji

once the parade was done, i drove this lot to rowing camp a couple of hours up the road
i was parenting helping for the weekend

before we hit camp though, the girls insisted i drive them to "MOSSIE POINT" to release my inner 8 year old (trust me, she's always lurking) on this rope swing over the river 

then it was down to the business of training 3 times a day

rowers that train 3 times a day are HUNGRY.
we prepped, we served, we cleaned up, then we started all over again

but the view was pretty great

and then there's the spoils of victory 

the following weekend was the movie night fundraiser i'd been organising [for the rowing club]
here, my band of merry helpers and i are putting together the treat bags

then there was that one time i made CREME BRULEE
for the first time ever

i didn't read the recipe, so my valentine's day creme brûlée was actually served on feb 15, but hey - it turned out like the picture and that's ALL i cared about!

then there was steph's zumba hen's night


then it was off to another rowing regatta - this time NISS (North Island Secondary School Champs)

98 schools compete.  NINETY. EIGHT.  and that's just the north island!
what a week - so much fun, except for sleeping on the floor of a bar in a racecourse, but hey - it's for the kids...

again with the food...

same thing, different venue
the boats always need to be put IN the water, taken OUT of the water, rigged, de-rigged, cleaned, stacked

rowing is not for the impatient, that's for sure

lake karapiro.  man it was hot there, but check out that view looking down the course [from the finish line]

again, rowing is oarsome...

this was in the main office at the regatta


while i was in cambridge, i got to catch up with a friend i hadn't seen for 23 years.

23.YEARS.  we were in an antenatal group together in 1989
our 'babies' are 25 this year

happy crew and their coxswain

and we brought home some bling!  (well, the boys did)

i barely had time to unpack, wash my smalls and re-pack before we headed to auckland for a girls' weekend to see bruno mars


he is a musical god.  i swear.  what a show.

in auckland, i got to catch up with some family.  they just happened to be fostering these kittens.
oh. my. cute

then it was MY BIRTHDAY!!!

i have to admit to feeling a little 'meh' just prior to my birthday
i mean, 50 was a hard act to follow ya know?

51 however, did NOT disappoint

the ship that mr scrappy and i will cruise on in september for our 30th wedding anniversary was in port ON MY BIRTHDAY!  this was cause for great excitement 

oh, and my husband also gave me these diamond earrings

(spoilt much?)

and we CONTINUE to enjoy my food bag
tamarind chicken.  man, this was gooooooood

oh - and i bought these shoes

the end.


cat said...

So did you see the Sputh African boks at the sevens? Love all the news and the chicken looks fantastic

cat said...

Oh and those earrings...... Stunning

mandyb said...

what a great write up!!! wowsa you have been busy!!!
love the way your support so many events and trips for your kids too!!!