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Sunday, August 31, 2014

photostory friday and the gift of giving

i always thought that it was my grandmother who said 'tis better to give than to receive', but a quick google tells me it's from the bible.

either way, they are words to live by.

some people take this to heart more than others, and this is particularly true of my friend NILA.
i guess she gets it from her mother, who's a member of the SATHYA SAI SERVICE ORGANISATION OF WELLINGTON. these wonderful people (made up mostly of ladies i think?) make and deliver FREE meals on wheels and provide volunteers to such organisations as our city's soup kitchen and the mary potter hospice.

this organisation lives by the 5 values of love, truth, peace, non-violence and right conduct.

they often provide the meal ingredients themselves and the organisation survives on donations.

last night they ran a fundraiser for mary potter hospice.
$15 for a wonderful authentic indian dinner - in 3 sittings
they were hoping to raise $4000

NILA (who celebrated her birthday yesterday) thought it was the perfect opportunity to GIVE:

"instead of going out for my birthday, my mum and i would like to support MPH by having a meal at the centre where she does a lot of her charity work.  my mum and i would like to PAY FOR YOU ALL to come and enjoy a meal.
i do not want any presents!
if you insist on paying for your ticket, it's $15"

classic nila

this is her happy face ;)

lining up for our delicious meal

awesome volunteers

and the main event - the potatoes were my fave!

no birthday is complete without cake!

that's nila's mum in the blue and yellow

it's not often nila is speechless!

nila was 'fashionably late' to her own event because she'd come straight from a function where she'd been awarded


myself and a dozen or so of my zumba girls felt so privileged to be a part of this wonderful event.

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mandyb said...

such a great event and cause!!!
love it

NC Sue said...

A wonderful experience for everyone all around!