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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

week in the life: tuesday

already i'm seeing a theme this week:

no routine

this is not a good or a bad thing, simply an acknowledgement
it's something i've noticed (mostly this year), but when you're documenting your day in photos, it brings it into stark contrast

someone got up early to finish her drama script
her original intention was to get the early train to school to finish it there, but while the ideas were flowing, she stayed home and got it done
she got a ride to school with clive

THIS table
not so many years ago when there was 6 people living in this house, i'd put individual piles of clean clothes back in each girls' room
there was one too many complaints that i'd put the 'wrong' item of clothing in the 'wrong' room

that was easy fixed
here are your clean clothes
take what's yours and put them away yourself!

weather-wise, the day started out well enough

although there's no photographic evidence, it did NOT end with clear blue skies


in days with no routine, THIS is my one constant...

(the coffee AND the man)

i've never known a child to quite spread out like tash does
it's a gift

it usually happens when she gets home

there have been up to THREE pair of shoes under the coffee table some days

those blankets are great for snuggling up under on a cold night and when we're watching movies, but does anyone ever fold them???

this is how i'll print the pics below
a too-fer!

Tash before school and me heading out

go the selfie stick

Tash had a dental appointment so i picked her up from school at 11.15

Tash is most aggrieved at the thought that the year 13's (final year) won't have a common room because it's been demolished to make way for this new structure.  she claims to be ill-informed as to what it is...

i've had girls at this school since 2003 and things never stop changing

 who knew that sensitive teeth can be attributed to growing pains?
not me!  at least she doesn't have any holes in her teeth - and why would she - fizzy drinks were banned in our house while they were growing up, although when i mentioned this to the dentist he said that 'wine biscuits' are apparently full of some evil gum (that includes high fructose corn syrup)

then it was to the movies with my 2nd eldest
i want to be like these people when i grow up

travelling to las vegas at 94 years old to perform a tribute piece at the world hip hop championships

yes you read that right

i cried and cried all through the [docu]movie

even katelin said 'it was so emotional!' - and if you knew my child, you'd know what it takes to move her emotionally

when i got home mikaela was already settled in for a chilled afternoon
she'd left the house at 650am as she's on 'earlies'
this week is different (again), in that she has 2 days at weltec and 2 days off (revision for their upcoming end of year exam and menu planning)
usually her studies are full time which is 4 days a week

this is usually how i find her if she's come home at lunchtime:
on tumblr, watching a show online (although she usually does that in her room), listening to music
twirling her hair

today i wrote about my work life (or lack thereof) and how it has its blessings

 tonight's dinner from my food bag all ready to go

smoked fish salad
easy and tasty

my food bag has changed my life
pretty sure i've said that before!

i have 44 photos in aperture from yesterday
less than i took and more than i'll print

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mandyb said...

great post....i write as i am sitting here eating wine biscuits (ekkkk) with my cup of tea while TWIRLING my hair!!! lol