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Friday, May 15, 2015

Day in the Life: Tuesday May 12, 2015

i was justing starting to wonder when we might next do this project when Ali posted about it

so yay!

i took in excess of 72 photos, but that's how many ended up in aperture
with 111178 photos (yes, you read that right) currently sitting in my photo library, i'm under pressure from hubby to only keep what's necessary!

26 of those 72 photos were taken with my CANON 60D - the 'around the house' photos.
the rest were taken with my iPhone 6

it was a good day!!!

i've used one of ali's slanted templates to give a snapshot of what everyone in the family is doing right now (not all family members pictured)

it's 8.5 x 11 and i'll probably get it printed at ZAZZLE, as i've done in the past.


Mother Nature flexing her muscles...

the easiest way to explain how i know Kim is to say that eventually she and Zoe will be sisters-in-law (i.e. they will marry brothers)

Kim also helped Mikaela get her current job and they now work together

and here she is!
She's already won the 'newbies' race to 10 sales and tomorrow she'll win a Customer Service Award

hard work = results.  always.

Talk about 4 seasons in one day!

She left the house for a 7am netball practice, so this is the first time today i'm seeing her

i never tire of this view

after doing december daily in 2013, i can tell you that this bouganvillea usually flowers in early december

for whatever reason, this is all we got this past summer.  what little bloom there was came very late

have i mentioned before that my food bag has changed my life?
ok yes, maybe once or 10 times

18 months we've been getting organic and free range meal ingredients and recipes delivered every sunday night and I. LOVE. IT.

no-one ever complains that we have the same thing twice.

EVER.  coz we don't.

the days of everyone eating together around the table are LONG.GONE.

we eat at ALL hours and not all at the same time, but that's just a sign of the times.

thank goodness for sunday night family dinners at the TABLE.

so - thoughts on day in the life?

once again, i'm grateful for the opportunity to see the things that are the SAME and things that are DIFFERENT.

grateful for the opportunity to document the minutiae of daily life.



Karen Johnson said...

Love it!!!!!.... this is a great thing to do.

kelly said...

Impressive Sue. Love how you keep up with you scrapping. And that looks like a busy day!

mandyb said...

great write up post...and love the way you have put the pics into the page you will template

LindaHAZ said...

Love your use of Ali's slanted templates! Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.