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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week in the Life: Friday Words & Photos

Man i am struggling to keep up this week!

when Ali announced the dates i knew i'd be busy because this week fell in the middle of the Wellington Food on a Plate Festival.  Sure, it gave me plenty of fun things to document, but i wouldn't have minded if it was an ordinary run-of-the-mill week.  it still would've been so much fun.

i just didn't factor in the blogging time, and it's such an integral part of it for me
i use my photos as prompts and i story from them.  i haven't even edited any of the photos before blogging them - not a one!  i'll save that for when i put the album together.

i try to get my writing done the next morning before i go out, but i think i've only managed to do that once this week!

if i don't have to go out first thing, this is where you'll find me after Clive has left for work and Tash has gone to school

checking emails
working on photos for my Project Life

in my PJs

we're big PJ wearers in this house
i couldn't care less if everyone spent the entire day in them
sometimes we do just that
i'm rebelling, because as a child i wasn't really allowed to spend much time in mine.
too much lying around = 'wasting the day'.

apparently this form of 'rebellion' is completely normal behaviour...

so - remember the sugar rush from yesterday?

i wake at 546 with a THUMPING headache and i feel REALLY lethargic
i feel compelled to add kale and spinach to our omelette, by way of purging the 'white devil' from my system perhaps?  who knows!!!

i get a snap from Zoe
she's having a great first week at her new job
i can't wait to see her in person next week and hear all about it first hand
note to self: book day spa for her birthday now she knows that she can get the day off

another smoothie today for Tash

off he goes to work
he's had a REALLY busy week
lots of report writing.  lots of deadlines.

re-stocking the fridge
normally i'm the ultimate multi-tasker, but in the kitchen this is NOT the case
here i'm using up leftover vegetables to make soup that'll go straight in the freezer, and I'm making 'egg cups' - a slice of ham or salami in the bottom of a muffin case, crack in an egg, add salt and pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan. 

today i've put kale in the bottom before the egg - coz ya know - kale.

everyone takes these for their lunches

Tash is off to school: she comes in to say goodbye
"Wait! let me take your picture"
i love it when she wears her hair up like this
i love what a confident dresser she is
i love how her hair is about 8 different colours because of all the time she spent outdoors during the rowing season

Mikaela heads off to work
she's on early's again
i take a couple of pictures and declare that that's not her 'natural smile'
"This is how i smile!"
"No, i'm your mother, i know that's not your natural smile" (not pictured)
*audible sigh*

then i snapped a couple of shots when she wasn't looking
i like them even better than the ones i tried to pose

perhaps THIS is why i'm having trouble blogging this week!

thursdays words and photos 'sort of done' i head off to see my friend Steph and her baby Ethan

yeah Ethan, don't look now but there's a crazy lady behind you!

"maybe i should take the photo" offers Steph

much better!

hey steph!
steph's the one that got us into BOXING
we love her for that!

steph's studying for her Real Estate Licence and would like our house to be her first sale

i'm down with that!!!

then it's off to my 3rd Wellington on a Plate Food Festival event

"Chocoholic High Tea"

yep - more sugar...

be still my beating liver...

 i remember when they put this hotel in rollers and moved up and across to the other side of the street

that was quite the feat of engineering...

this is Christine
we totally GET each other
i love her

she's also the mother of 4 fabulous children

i joke that Tash should've been HER child because Tash and Christine are THE BIGGEST PROCRASTINATORS i have ever met!!!!!

for an organised person such as myself - well, that just makes my eye twitch

when i put the belt on this dress today it felt a little loose...

i love this place
the colours they've used to decorate the chairs - jade greens and pinks

love love love

everyone that works here is very french
it just makes the whole place seem even fancier

Natural Rosehip and Hibiscus Tea

Mango puree topped with Dibbon Cava, Cocoa and chili foam
a taste sensation it was!

all the chocolate used in this event's creations came from Whittakers
a locally based family business since 1896
a fantastic success story
currently 2 of the grandchildren are running the business

in case you're wondering, i did not eat everything, but it wasn't such a sugar 'hit' as the cocktails from the night before

i then discover that late on a friday afternoon is a BAD time to try and fill your car up, so i head for the petrol station nearest my house (after trying to get near one in town on my way home)

hey - i think the price of petrol has gone down this week
it still costs me $96.17 to fill up though

back home i have time to finish up blogging Thursday's Words and Photos before we head to a local school fundraiser

my friend (who has children at the school) organised our table, but then ended up not being able to come because she had to travel out of town for work

we called our team "Where's Tas?"
that's Maria and Yvonne
i know them from Zumba

ok, so this is what you need to know about me:

i win stuff


but wait, it gets better...

i won a voucher for home organising services!
you should've seen the comments on my fb page when Maria posted the photo.

"go easy on her"
"omg, she'll be telling the ORGANISER what to do!"
"maybe i should come round and mess up your spice drawer just so she has something to do"

on and on they went.  hilarious.

then i won another prize

i think one of my friends commented: "FFS"


asking anyone in my family THIS question is like asking me a "friends" trivia question

we lolled.

in the end we finished a creditable 4th
if we'd played our 'joker (double up) earlier, we would've placed higher, but them's the breaks
a great night and i hope they raised a lot of money
they bloody well should have charging $5 to buy a question!

back home Mikaela has recovered from her "sh*t" day and they're watching "Take Me Out" - a super awkward, cringe-worthy UK Dating Game Show.

apparently single bloke Aaron has failed to impress any of the girls by riding in on his unicycle (which one of the girls calls a unicorn).  you see what i mean.....

80 photos
44 on my canon 60D
36 on my iPhone 6

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mandyb said...

Great post and yes i did LAUGH OUT LOUD when I saw what you won
great week....and yeah i am with you on the pj thing