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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day in the Life: Saturday July 30: Album Complete!

   ali edwards chose a WEEKEND day for her 2nd Day in the Life this year, and produced a mini kit, which consisted of the 'puffy' circular stickers, a word sticker sheet and the 2-sided hour of the day cards.

ali's approach this time was to set hourly alarms on her phone, take one photo and write on the card at the same time.

aside from taking a couple of extra photos and including what my girls not living with us are doing, i stuck to the same formula - and OH HOW EASY IT WAS!!!

the KISS principle at its best.

i had previously constructed my covers and it was simply a case of printing my photos (all taken square so i wouldn't have to crop them), add embellishments and VOILA - 4 days later it's complete!!!

so what's changed since march? or may [week in the life] even?

changed: bedroom wall now spanish white not havoc red 

same: delivery of the morning paper (and the guessing game of where it will end up!) 

same: saturday morning brekkie cooked by my awesome hubby 

changed: two of the neighbours' view-blocking trees have blown/been chopped down

changed: the music on my iPhone

changed: tash is now captain of her netball team

changed: mikaela is flatting in east london with a bunch of fellow kiwis

changed: zoe and callum have moved apartments 

SOMEWHERE on ali's blog there's a tutorial for this fold out page, but i can't think where to find it off the top of my head.

for the inside back cover i made a pocket and included receipts from our date night and a coaster from the restaurant we ate at

...and there you have it!
thanks again to allison for the original inspiration for this album - much appreciated!

roll on the next Day in the Life!!!



mandyb said...

well done you!!!
love the pull out idea too

Yin said...

Super fun format! What a great DITL, Sue!

Michelle said...

This is awesome Sue!!! Love a peek into your day!

shellsmail said...

Love this!!