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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December Daily: Days 1-4

as was the case in 2014, December Daily started while i was on holiday overseas, so coming home i felt like i was playing catch up.

thankfully, all my supplies were set up and ready to go and i'd already written myself an intro.

this year's "reason why" ended up being "counting the ways" i was excited, and "reminders" to myself about expectations around having all four girls under one roof for the first Christmas in 3 years.

the circle page below will go on the flip side of my title page, although if i added '2017' it would very easily be my title page!

 i very much took my inspiration from the DD facebook group for this and used the Starbucks cup (and a circle punch) that a member of the group sent me from the States.

i love the friendships that develop through a shared love of memory keeping.

i've started off pretty simple and each day [so far] is only one page, but i know from experience that some days there is one page, and others there are more.

i have quite a stash of 6x8 sleeves in various sizes and felt like a 3x8 would go great here.

December 1 found us in Hobart and enjoying a Friday Night Dinner with our hosts and their friends.

I can see already that these white semi-circles are going to be very versatile!

Day 3 was also easy, and a good reminder that simple is OKAY.

Day 4's story came via my London-based daughter 
(who will be home for Christmas in 16 sleeps!!!)

it really IS a fun little story (her words not mine), including the part where i didn't realise she was still watching the movie and i spoilt the ending for her - DOH!!!

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