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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blogging is addictive...

and frustrating - it keeps running all my paragraphs together!!!

so no-one tagged me with this hubby tag, but i thought it was kinda fun, so here goes...

What's his name? mr scrappy
How long did you date? 3 years, including a one year engagement
How old is he? i'm going to be throwing him a big party next year. he'll be half a hundred
Who eats more? he does (it's not even close)
Who said 'i love you' first? he did, standing in the kitchen in his flat. my knees almost gave out
Who is taller? he is, by a good 5 inches
Who sings better? he does - again, not even close!
Who is smarter? physics was (did i say was?) IS his favourite subject.
Who does the laundry? ME!!!!!! and i do it very well too
Who does the dishes? he/she who cooks doesn't have to do the dishes
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? as you look at the bed, i do. if you in the bed, he does
Who pays the bills? i do. i'm very good with paperwork
Who mows the lawns? a nice man called graham
Who cookes dinner? monday to friday - me; saturday and sunday he does
Who drives when you're together? he does
Who is more stubborn? i'll probably have to put my hand up for that one...
Who kissed who first? he did
Who asked who out first? he did
Who proposed? he did - very romantic it was too
Who is more sensitive? i am. hellooooooo, i'm a chick!
Who has more friends? i do. hellooooooooooo, i'm a chick!
Who has more siblings? he does 6 to 1
Who wears the pants in the family? ME!!!

and here he is...

DH with #4 daughter


Kristi Smith said...

That's a great photo!!! He looks very handsome. Were you trying to run it in that you don't need a do-over? hee-hee.

Kristi Smith said...

another mistake! dang it. That was supposed to say "rub" but I am not deleting again!!!

scrappysue said...

a do-over? ya lost me - i'm a bit slow hehe.

Kristi Smith said...

A proposal do-over. ;)

scrappysue said...

ah - get it now!!! i feel pretty blessed actually. 23 years of wedded bliss!!!