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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free money, cupckes and new shoes

bought these today -sooooooo comfy. on sale (which makes them instantly more comfy than if i had paid full price). shoppers code: rule 3.78-imadethisup.
In my quest to save the planet one shopping bag at a time, i usually reject these...

but miss 18 insisted she would ‘re-use’ (and therefore recycle) so i relented.
it IS kinda funky.

didn’t draw this (but sort of pleased i can be responsible for some of her creative DNA).

miss 18 started a Bachelor of Design degree this week at Massey University. One of her first assignments is to capture the culture of Cuba Street. it's one of those cool pedestrian only areas in town where you can watch the world go by, and it's home to all kinds of weird and wonderful folks.

her degree will take 4 years at a cost of $4400 every year (plus books'n'stuff). as a generation x-er, she is able to make use of a national student loan scheme, whereby the government pays her course fees directly. this is perfect for today's teenager: invisible money that doesn't have to be paid until - well, not today so who cares?

this wasn’t the case ‘back in the day (last century and beyond) when i was a polytechnic student. In ‘those’ days, the government paid YOU! i was paid the princely sum of $16 per week, $4 of which my mother held out her hand for in return for room and board. she was of course trying to teach me the value of money. At the time i did not appreciate this valuable lesson. I simply thought my mother was the meanest mum in the whole wide world. No wait, that’s me!!! I know, i think there might be more than one ‘mean mummy’ in the universe.

Anyway, the kids of today, they just don’t appreciate the value of money! And you try to tell the young people of today that - and they won’t believe you! (name that movie)

Paying back invisible money is BORING.

Here’s something that’s not boring. Watching your 10-year-old make cupcakes. Well, watching her make half a pint of runny purple icing. I actually think the cupcakes were an after-thought.

Maybe i made the icing too runny?

Yep, but i don’t care

I love you...

Who says sugar makes ya crazy?

It’s just not TRUE!

in other news, stick insect fired for failing to correctly camoflauge.....

that's all folks!!!


Melinda said...

I do not think kids(or some adults) get that there really are not "free" things in life- esp. money. Well maybe there are some free things. Love here purple icing- hey it was still sugary right?

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

LOVE the shoes! I should post some shoes I just bought--hubby hates them. But I'm afraid my feet won't look as adorable as yours.

LOVE the purple icing. The cupcakes turned out sweet. I love the runny bits.

HATE the bug. That is so massive & scary. I will now have nightmares ya know.

scrappysue said...

thanks nikki! i think i have ugly feet, but thankfully they are still a little tanned from camping!!! it was an EXTRAORDINARILY large stick insect. everyone else who saw it agreed!!! and yes melinda - the icing was pretty much ALL sugar!!!

Colleen said...

what a weird little bug!

love the shoes. love them! but i'm a sucker for maryjanes

Kelly / scrappydo said...

Love the shoes Sue - and that bag is so very cool - I definitely would have taken that one home!

Janette said...

That shoes bag is way too cute. I would have wanted it too. it would make a great gift bag.
My Natasha is a little older then yours. Mine is 18 and in university for journalism. BUT she doesn't like it, so she is trying to figure out what to take next year. My oldest daughter is Tara and she is 21. :)
Yes I love my canon rebel camera! BUT I really love my glass. My 50mm lens and my 28-135mm IS USM lens.
Have a great day.