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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The scrapper finally scraps

my first layout since late last year and it's been 'in progress' for over 2 weeks! i have to move my layouts and supplies off the dining room table every night for dinner talk about stifiling the creative process! this is for the #8 wired blog challenge - use 10 or more photos. my favourite kinda challenge!

these photos are from christmas 2005 when i got my new mountain bike. hiding that from me was quite the mission for DH - he did very well! it was also the year we got given singstar - not that i needed reminding that i'm tone deaf...


Melinda said...

how funny Sue b/c I just posted yesterday a l/o- the only one this year. What is with me this year?

scrappysue said...

i shall have to go look melinda! once u get going it's like riding a bike - it's just getting back on that's the trouble!!! lol

Axel said...

that looks great, ohh dont you just love singstar lol you dont even have to sing, just hum hahaha