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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Humble Pie and other food related items

so i collected my girlfriend's 3 punks (as PW affectionately refers to them) from their school, brought them home, entertained them, fed them then waved them goodbye after dinner.
i don't think i'm THAT forgettable, but black pen probably works better than a giant hanky tied to your finger all day...

this is what we had for dinner
humble pie. no, that's what it's actually called! it's a vegetarian dish featuring the much under-rated lentil (brown not red). the poor ole' lentil isn't the most glamorous item in the supermarket, but it sure is good for ya! loaded with minerals and vitamins, these puppies are a fibre all-star AND give you energy to burn while stabilising your blood sugar.

love your heart - eat lentils! (i didn't get paid to say that).

anyway - back to dinner. i hadn't road tested this recipe and i wasn't sure how in love my interlopers were with lentils, so i used mince as well (that's ground beef for you north american folks out there).

i waited with baited breath for the 'child-to-english' sign that would give me the thumbs up ("s'allright i spose"), or the more recognisable thumbs down ("ew yuck that's disGUSting!") - with accompanying stink-eye.

they liked it!!!

then it was onto homework.

awwwwwwww. bless their little studious socks.

so, if you and your family would like to eat a little humble pie, this is where you can go. well, actually the recipe isn't online (i can give it to you if you like), but it's from the magazine featured on this website - healthy food guide. they have some great recipe ideas!


Melinda said...

so do not laugh but I do not think I have ever had lentils. I know I have never cooked them. I do want to try making the pink ones(I think they are pink) because they are supposed to be fast cooking. My youngest is a picky eater and refuses to eat meat of any sort so I am going to need to start sneaking some protein in somewhere.

scrappysue said...

yep melinda - the red ones (altho peachy in colour) are the more palatable - not such a strong texture which i know some kids have issues with. i made a red lentil bolognase the other day. i can email you some recipes if u like!