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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Sunday morning walk

so we went for a walk this morning. 6.5 kilometres of beautiful scenic wellington waterfront and her surrounding bays. (that's 4 miles for you northern hemisphere folks). here we are ready for our walk.

there was this bunch of awesome chicks...

this guy

... and eleven and a half thousand of our closest friends

some wore sensible footwear (that would be us)
others did not (i like to call this one 'what were you thinking?'

yay! and now for our reward...

this is what you get when u cross the finish line if you are a 'regular' entrant
yep - not bad, let's take a look at that again
buuuuuuuut if, on the other hand, you are married to the guy who works for the major sponsor, then THIS is waiting for you
i know which one i prefer!!!
(ps - i ate 2 of these, ie returned the calories from whence they came)
then all that's left is to enjoy the sun, music and atmosphere

are you noticing there are hills in every photo of wellington i take?

that's because "wellington is set on the edge of a stunning harbour and surrounded by rolling hills". i didn't write that, click on the 'about wellington' in my sidebar if you want to know more.

when we got home i drove straight back into town to get some pics of the queen victoria which is berthed in wellington at the moment. pics coming later.


Kristi Smith said...

Wow, that looked like fun . . . sort of . . . I am all for the scenery!

The sandwich looked yummy.

And wow, you have a lot of friends;).

scrappysue said...

it was fun, but it took me so long to upload all of those photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Karaka Bay I was full of nostalgia looking at those pics.

Looks like you had a great day and a good workout.


scrappysue said...

and the sun has ALWAYS shined on round the bays day! i think this is the 8th year we have participated.

Melinda said...

I bet you slept well that night! I think I like option 2 better than the banana and water. Looks so beautiful there.

Susan said...

Your pictures are stunning with the mountain views. I would of went for the sandwich also!

Gemma said...

My kind of day!