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Monday, February 18, 2008

A monday morning quickie for kristi and melinda

due to popular demand!!! the first of what will no doubt be many pictures of my beautiful country new zealand aka aotearoa (meaning 'land of the long white cloud). new zealand was named after the dutch province of 'zeeland'. i guess they had the old one and we were the new one!

this is DH's 'bonnie' parked in front of lake hawea when he went 'wild hoggin' it last november. the south island of new zealand is extremely picturesque. wellington (where i live) is at the bottom of the north island.

now it's melinda's turn. this piccie was taken in august 2005 before a friend's 40th. as her name started with a 'c', it was a fancy dress "C" party, so i went as a can can dancer and DH as a captain (u get the idea).



Melinda said...

woo hoo look at you in your I am sexy pose! Fun picture- love it. Do you have Halloween in NZ?

scrappysue said...

yep we have halloween, but we live on a hill and up a long drive, so it's random from year to year as to how many door knockers we get. we certainly don't have adult halloween parties like 'miss paris' went to last year - would be fun tho; any excuse to dress up!!!

Kristi Smith said...

HA! Love the costume! I hadn't see that one. hee-hee

scrappysue said...

there's a LOT u haven't seen!!!!! lol