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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tag - I'm It!

Tagged by Ellie.

7 random facts about moi...
  1. I’m a trainspotter. I know the licence plate numbers of all my closest friends. If i’m driving around town and think i see someone i know, i check out the licence plate before waving.
  2. I’ve been inside Buckingham palace.
  3. I laugh when people fall down and hurt themselves. This is why i find steve martin’s version of pink panther hysterical.
  4. I like even numbers better than odd ones.
  5. I think the quickest way to ruin chocolate is to bury a nut in it. I will however still eat scorched almonds by eating the chocolate from the outside then throwing away the nut.
  6. I love stand-up comedy.
  7. When my mother was in labour, the car was being serviced, so my parents drove to the hospital in a taxi. Apparently the driver said ‘don’t have your baby in my car!’

i tag lynette, margo, sandy, gemma, susan, nikki and katie, and i look forward to reading your randomness!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Hi scrappysue!
Ok, so I'm "IT". I loved reading your random facts & I think it's fun to do so I don't consider myself "(un)lucky"!

I totally love your "My 365" photo thingie on the right side of your blog with the dirty polaroids. I'm gonna click it & figure out how to do that on my blog! So cool!

scrappysue said...

yeah it's fun! there are heaps of templates/effects u can use. it's a little wide for my sidebar but i think it still works ok! u just copy the html into a 'page element' in your blogger layout. i look fwd to seeing the result!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh & as far as the cupcake recipe you wanted. I'm afraid I won't be much help. Not because I have a super secret recipe that I keep under lock & key & I accidentally lost the key, but because I make cupcakes using a boxed mix! I decide whether I'm in the mood for chocolate or vanilla or whatever, purchase the box mix & then I REALLY get into the frosting & the decorating & all that fun stuff!

But, I do believe you've just inspired me for a goal for next month: learning to make cupcakes from scratch!

Gemma said...

Ok..I did the tag!
Yep it's good you weren't born in a taxi....but I bet alot of people have been wonder what the statistics are?lol

Kristi Smith said...

I can't believe you don't like nuts! Not even in your cookies??? Love nuts. Yum. I love Hershey's with Almonds. Do you have Hershey bars there? I doubt it. They are made in PA.

scrappysue said...

lol kristi! i'm a nut that doesn't like nuts! we DO in fact have hersey bars here, but we also have our own cadbury chocolate that is made here and it's rather yummy - i will send u some and u can compare!!!

Melinda said...

I guess I am weird too, since I will tolerate nuts in some chocolate, but absolutely not in baked goods- yuck if they are in bread, brownies, cake, muffins etc.
Sue we have Cadburys here too- if you mean those cadbury eggs that come out this time of year.

scrappysue said...

with u on that melinda - easiest way to ruin a brownie - put nuts in it!!! cadbury does a huge range of choc easter eggs - had no idea u could get them over there tho!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing the 'tag' game Sue. loved your random facts.

Imagine throwing away the best part of a scorched almond!!!! For shame. You and I could swap