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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clean Cups

as she was emptying the dishwasher yesterday, miss 11 insisted that this
be my photo of the day. kids. go figure! nothin' like a clean tea cup. i guess!!!

anyway - here's today's. tara giving instructions to a couple of tourists as to the whereabouts of the cable car (it's on my blog banner!)

that's tara in the helmet. that's my bike in the foreground. we had just finished the 32km (20 miles) bike the bays council-run free event. last week round the bays, this week - bike the bays! it was very sedate and picturesque and tara noted that as a tourist you couldn't really ask for more; great weather, friendly people and fun events happening all around!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Just visiting (a short visit really)

oh and BTW, Guess what... Tag! Your it! (I didn't start this, just following the rules!)

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scrappysue said...

hey ellie!
will get onto that tomorrow - watching the rugby right now!!!