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Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning Math (the fun kind)

i don't know how to make a 'sticky post' (where you leave an earlier post at the top on purpose), so i'm putting the banner in again and you can just read on down!!!

so, some math for a monday morning...

number of days until i get to see this guy
(oh, that's the big buddha on lantau island, btw)
number of days since i looked like this
days? lady are you kidding me? centuries more like!
i can't think what would have been so amusing off camera. maybe someone was poking me in the side. who knows. photographers and parents will do anything to make a kid smile, and smile i did. just not into the camera. nobody said i wanted to be america's next top model.
things i've learnt since my first day of school
  1. wearing an apron to school is not cool
  2. birthdays usually mean cake. even when you get beyond the age where you lose count of how many are on top

hey - there's more than 29 on here! what gives?

that was last year. hopefully my family have learned to count since then.
but i digress
  1. family and friends are what it's all about
  2. chocolate is right up there too
  3. being sad on a sunny day should be outlawed - it's just not right!
  4. do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  5. there is no life without coffee and laughter
  6. oprah's cool
  7. music is the laughter of the soul

other things i've learnt since my first day of school

how to point

that's me in the sunnies and the ridiculously over-sized t-shirt i was required to wear at our school gala yesterday. i was a 'spotter' during the auction. we raised over $10,000 at the auction alone. our gala usually raises over $40,000. an awesome result for many months hard work.

and last, but by no means least...

the noise you wanna make when u see a pic like this!

happy monday everyone!


Kellan said...

Hi Sue - Are those pictures of your when you were little the cutest!?! ANd, I loved your list of 7 things - I agree with all 7!!

Thanks so much for coming by today and leaving the kind thoughts and prayers for our sweet little baby! Very nice to meet you and I hope you've had a good weekend! I'll see you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...

You are a hoot Sue! I adore that pic of you little. It should be a framed enlargement!!
Well done on gala result.
Love reading your blog.

scrappysue said...

yep kellan that's me!!! here in new zealand, you can go to school on your 5th birthday - on your BIRTHDAY! so that pic was taken on march 26, 1968 :)

Melinda said...

cute pictures of you
Have a great week. Need to catch up on your blog

Gemma said...

You were too cute when you were younger...maybe a little mischievious too? Great post...I agree with the chocolate part...OK family and friends too LOL...
I recieved my delightful crafty pkg from you for OWOH.
Thank you so much!!!!
:-)Big smile from here to you!!!

Sand said...

Now thats a big Buddha!

Anonymous said...

sue - that young photo of you is so cute...and I agree with the above comment...a little but mischievous looking actually!!!! Love the suitcase too I had one for kindergarten...and I still have it. Was looking for one for my niece and found one a few months ago - they may come back into fashion...cute shop I got it from too. happy 1000th visitor too!!!!