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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Polished my halo today

'Twas a day of giving...

i started volunteering for the NZ Blood Service last year. sometimes i go to their rooms at the hospital. sometimes i'm with the mobile unit. like today - we were at Wellington Cathedral. that's a donor heading in past DH's car. i drive it when he's in auckland. we call it the 'JAZZICLE'. isn't it cute? it's a honda jazz. we bought it coz it's small and was the perfect car for daughters 1 and 2 to learn to drive. and yes, i'm parked on a loading zone, but hey - you can't tow a volunteer now can ya?

but i digress. i volunteered today. i'm basically the tea lady. i make hot or cold drinks for the donors once they have been leeched. i feed them chocolate biscuits and cheese and crackers and i keep a wary eye on them lest they fall head first into their hot and cold drinks, or start bleeding all over the place like one guy did today. made a mess of his lovely purple business shirt too. he was fine. he's a giver too.

from there i went straight to school to take netball practice. i coach tash's team. it's fun, it's rewarding and a day of giving to others reminded me of just how cool it is to be able to do that - GIVE.

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Janette said...

Glad to hear you polished that halo. Good job on the volunteering. It's a good feeling isn't it?