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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

humiliation station

i'm bored, so what better way to amuse myself (and maybe some of you), than a trip down memory lane. this is what happens when you only have one child; when you have time on your hands. time you won't have when you have three more children and (thankfully for them), they won't be subjected to studio portrait sessions like this one.

really, what was i thinking? is that a leather tie DH is wearing? are his hands as soft as they look? (not anymore they ain't!) and what's happening with my eyes?

i mean, why did DH agree to leave work in the middle of the day to DO THIS? did i bribe him? buy him lunch? make him promises i had no intention of keeping? i think i shall put it down to 'first child syndrome'. first time parents do all kinds of weird things. i know i did. (see above for case and point).

*sigh* i DO know we hadn't COMPLETELY lost our minds. when they brought us back into the darkened room to show us the proofs (enlarged a million times over) with the frosty edges and the soppy music, we were sane enough NOT to fork out hundreds of dollars on copies for every member of our family.

when my grandparents were alive (and before the digital age), i sent them family photos ALL THE TIME. when they died, i got them back. that was sad, but i am enjoying going through them and feeling like it'd be fun to scrap AND share some of them. they're old, and the quality isn't great, but they are photos that were taken and sent with love.

anyway, just thought i'd share that. i don't embarrass easily either (one of my bloggy friends mentioned that the other day. i can't remember which one). it's late and i should be in bed, but because it's the school holidays, i'm staying up late. just like a teenager. coz i can.

oh, i also got offered a job today. you know, one that pays real money. outside the home. with grown-ups. more on that later.


Working mum said...

Ha ha! Great picture, so 80's!

By the way, I love the photo on your heading. Was it really taken from your back yard?

(As you can tell, I've been sent home from work as no-one else wants tonsillitis and am using my time productively by reading my favourite blogs.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, one thing about old photo's is they make us look better now! ha ha.
Hugs Sue South Africa

Melinda said...

oh my that is like a blast from the past huh? We all have those studio photos - now I much prefer to have outside shots taken.
A real job with real money sounds good- you gonna take it?

scrappysue said...

hey working mum! hope you feel better soon - thanks for stopping by! it was october 1990 - the 80s sure hung on didn't they!?!

hey melinda - yep, prob gonna take it. will post when it's a def thing.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

great shirt you had on Sue :)

thanks for sharing


THE MOM BOMB said...

It could have been far, far worse. At least you weren't in coordinated denim outfits.

scrappysue said...

co-ordinated denim is an american thing - and u can keep it girlie!!! i bet you've seen plenty on your current vacay too - i think the club meets there every week. hehe

Mom of Three said...

OMG, I have photos like that, GAG! Maybe one day I'll do one of these, when humiliation no longer matters!ca

Janette said...

Well I love that old pic. You are such a cute little family there. You look gorgeous in blue!!!