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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it gets worse....and then better

i was so bored last night i outed myself, posting a family studio portrait; filed under 'the weird things first time parents with too much time on their hands do'. the mom bomb (prophetically as it turns out) said "It could have been far, far worse. At least you weren't in co-ordinated denim outfits." how did she know? i blame pregnancy brain (x4). there can surely be no other reason for it. (no wonder i'm turning my nose up).

i was flicking through some old photo albums (pre scrapbooking) and i thought i would scan in a few pics. little did i know i'd find the dreaded 'matching denim outfits' shot. maybe every couple has one lurking deep in the recesses of their photo albums. i did. maybe it should have stayed there, but then i'd be depriving you of this vision of chambray blue awesomeness, and that just wouldn't do.

photo taken late 1996 nr melbourne, australia (6 months preggers with daughter #4)

i loved the skort, and before you cry 'how could you?' you should remember i lived in georiga. it was HOT y'all (right amanda?!) and they were comfy. comfy i say. and airy too. and it was the 90s. the early 90s. i wonder if the skort will make a comeback?

DH is an eagles fan, so we went to 'a corner in winslow arizona' and duly took the pic.
we were rather pleased with ourselves.

i then got accosted by this weird guy who said his name was 'little one' (whatever), who pointed out that THIS was the corner in winslow arizona. how dumb did we feel? ok don't answer that
of all the canyons we visited in the states (2) - bryce is my favourite. i could look at this photo forever. can anyone tell me what's different about THIS particular photo?

and this one's for kristi. look! i've been to visit you! before i knew you! is that the stadium u were at the other day?and last but not least, remember these two?

that's miss 16 and her bestie - effectively my 5th daughter
(well, once u got 4....)

i pulled this one from the archives last night too and thought i'd have a mini GIVEAWAY ala the mom bomb.

if you can finger these two in the line-up below, i'll send you a kiwi souvenir. well, not an ACTUAL kiwi, but something distinctively 'kiwi'. a surprise like. first correct answer wins.

so from the cutie in red (back left) start numbering 1 to cutie in yellow back right (#8). front left cutie in blue will be #1, cutie in blue front right will be #6. got it?

oh! saw this today with the girls. GREAT movie. jodie foster sure does quirky, shut-in, comic OCD rather well, and i could look at gerard butler all day. he was great in P.S. i love you. rent it WITH extra tissues.

must go to bed earlier tonight!!!


paula clare said...

Hi Sue,
You're braver than I am, woman! NEVER would I drag out photos from the "big hair" days...nevuh! I say, NEVUH!

As for the cuties, I think the #1 cutie in the back (red) and the #8 cutie in the back (yellow). Gorgeous girls by the way...

Mom bomb...I LOVE IT!

Colleen said...

ok, i love these photos, and the one down below too. leather tie...nice

how was the movie?

sara b said...

I am going to take a stab at it. The girl on the bottom of the picture above (two girls) is #1 in back with the red jacket. The girl on top of the above picture is a little harder...I would have to say..#1 in front in the blue jacket. Close?!

Amanda said...

Wow. And you even had a vest to match. I can't believe it. Who made the man in the see thru shirt the manager in charge of all Eagles tourist stops?

I also can't believe you lived in GA. Lucky you. I'll bet you like your new home a lot more.

I'm sorry but I will have to abstain from your giveaway. I'm like an alcoholic walking into a bar with those things.

But I love the picture and if I HAD to guess, I guess it would be #2yellow raincoat, and #1 blue raincoat.

belinha said...

Hello! I came across your blog via Goobeetsa!What a wonderfull life you must have.You seem quite an optimistic person.I just want to say that I loved that salt and pepper with the colorfull bottons.Yes, I like funny unusual ideas!Best regards from Portugal!

scrappysue said...

keep guessing! paula has one correct cutie!

scrappysue said...

and sarab got one right too!

colleen - the movie was GREAT! anabelle breslin is quite the young star.

sara b said...

ok, so is the other one #2 in the front row? this is SO hard :)

scrappysue said...

nope! keep guessing!!!

paula clare said...

Okay, after honing my brilliant (ha) powers of deduction, and by the process of elimination, I shall take another crack:

Back row, cutie #1 red jacket
Back row, cutie #4 blue jacket (but I'm torn between her and back row cutie #7 red coat)

Close? No cigar?

Janette said...

I say #1 red in back. And #1 blue in front.

I really wanna go see Nim's Island. I think I would really like it! have a great day.

scrappysue said...

no cigar paula! keep guessing!!!

you guys that guessed back row #1 in red is my beautiful miss 16 are right.

but no hints on where her bestie is lurking...

Melinda said...

So we know your beauty is back row #1 and I will guess bestie is front row #4

Fun pictures Sue. Man I don't get by for a day and I miss like 3 posts!!

Kristi Smith said...

That is the arch but a different stadium now . . . they got a new one.

sara b said...

Okay, maybe #3 or #5 in the back row? At this point, if it is not them, I only have one guess left?!

Tres Chic Boutique said...

I know, I was busy and did not check and now I am lost! What happened to your blog carnival giveaway thing? I just noticed it was gone. DANG that reminded me that I have yuuuummmmmy chocolate in the other room. Now I am going to have to eat some... :) Well, anyway I am glad you like Bryce Canyon, you know I am from the state with all those canyons! And believe me, my parents dragged us around to all of them growing up :). I probably have a picture in those same spots as you. Where is your other favorite canyon? Oh and I love the Eagles, too. Not what I listen to on a day to day basis, though. Tootaloo for now!

paula clare said...

Okay, so after figuring out the value of Pi, I've calculated the algorithms and have come to the conclusion that the bestie is #6 in the back row...the one not quite holding up the umbrella?!?! Looks like she had curly locks at one point?!?!

Mom of Three said...

I will guess top row, second pair from left!