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Thursday, April 17, 2008

it's not fair

this photo was taken just over an hour ago, but i SWEAR

this one

was only taken last week.

this is not a one-off occurrence. i mean, it's happening all the time and we are powerless to stop it.

this was taken tonight as wellin this one, miss 16 and her bestie were at the same school miss 11 is at now

these are our 'just before we rush out the door to the disco' photos, and we've been taking them in pretty much the same spot for years.

it's a regular happening thing at our house and i love it. if i had a dollar for every time a bunch of giggling, screeching, excited pre-teen and teenage girls have dragged their best clothes, high heels, make-up, hair accessories and mp3 players into our house so that they can spend the next few hours getting ready to the backdrop of blaring music and an inquisitive mother (that would be me) poking her head in the door every half an hour to check on progress - i would have twenty six dollars.

as a mother, i treasure these moments. sometimes i feel like i'm depriving the other mums of the same experience, but i'm glad my girls are happy to indulge me. they just assume there's going to be a 'photo shoot' before they leave, and i love that it's become part of the process - a tradition.
sometimes you don't know you've created a tradition, and it's not until your children remind you that something's missing or that they've forgotten to do something, that you realise you've created one! i love that.
i don't think there was a disco waiting for them on the day this photo was taken, but i had to throw it in - look how cute they are!

they scrub up ok don't they? (last year's formal)

i guess what i'm trying to say, is that time is precious, our children are precious. the little moments that make up our lives - all precious.


Janette said...

Oh do I ever hear you. Time flies by soooooooooo darn fast. My oldest is getting married on Sept 13th and I think I'm going to cry for weeks once she is gone. It's going to be so strange. I wonder if she will get home sick? I bet she will. As happy as she will be I'm sure she is going to miss having her family around. She talks non stop. Even calls me from work on her breaks.

Yes life flies by too fast. I wish I could go back in time just for a week when my kids were little. I would hold them all night long and enjoy all the baby sounds and smells!

Working mum said...

Your girls are so beautiful!

I just know that I will wake up one day soon and daughter (currently aged 3) will be off to university. I'm trying to cherish every day.

Amanda said...

It does fly by sooo fast, doesn't it? It seems like yesterday I was drowning in diapers. (I had three kids in diapers at one time) And now, there is only one left in diapers. I'm trying to slow down and be more 'in the moment' because it is just going way too fast.

melinda said...

Sue I am just now hitting the oh he is growing up too fast point with Zach- he is only 6.

Janette I have a few I can lend you and I think you will quickly return them- I kid!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

They are so beautiful!

I'm going to do a scrapbook just of my pics of my daughter and her FFF (Friend from Forever). We have the yearly ones in front of the camp bus, in softball gear, climbin a tree on vacay, etc.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Great post & great photos. I love the tradition thing too. You're obviously such a great mom.

scrappysue said...

thanks! that's such a sweet thing to say