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Friday, April 4, 2008

my first blogger award!!!!! (and other stuff)

a peaceful breakfast with DH of free-range eggs, coffee and the morning paper (all prepared by him. well, not the paper - i had to go get that myself!) AND my first blogger award...

not a bad way to start my friday! THANKS AMANDA!!!

amanda is apparently pre-occupied with my profile shot, so i thought i would share a few more from that night (april 30, 2004) at the wellington gold awards.

none of these pics can be clicked on and enlarged (and they are crappy quality). i guess i had my compact that night and it was low light. the theme was the golden age of 70s disco and movies. i have discovered that once you move the photos when you are drafting a post, they lose that 'open in a new tab' feature. a HUGE shortcoming blogger!!!
who can resist a man in a tux? (is it a tux or just a fancy suit?) who cares?

here i am lying all over a 70s corvette they hired as a prop for the night

ain't he handsome? (reminder - that's a wig i'm wearing!!!)
i haven't had hair that long SINCE the 70s!!!
table centre-pieces. always cool at this event
and now for my first FIVE ON FRIDAY. is there a five on friday? if not, i officially start the trend.
  1. i'm so obssessed with blogging, it's 9.34am on a friday morning and instead of doing more important things like watching last week's DH or showering, i'm posting!
  2. and i was caught out! my daughter's friend's mum just pulled up in the car to drop off a tupperware container - DOH!!!
  3. i am collecting for the royal foundation for the blind later today for 2 hours. it's a bit chilly today, so i'd better wrap up!
  4. both my girls are playing in their respective summer netball league finals after school today - i'm so proud of them! miss 11 is playing off for first in division 4. they won 3 out their last 4 games by 1 point so it should be a great game. miss 10 (whose team i coach) has won all their games in their division (6). they beat the team they are playing today 17-0 last time they met, but i will be encouraging them not to be overly confident!!!
  5. daughter #3 just started singing lessons. i got to hear her last night and almost cried. she has a beautiful voice!

PS: ooops! totally forgot to pass on the blogger awards! i share/pass/forward this award to my crazy friend kristi, who got me started on this highly addictive, yet highly rewarding experience of blogging. thanks kristi!


Amanda said...

Now it's all coming clear. Thank you for putting it in context. Congrats on your award, I have enjoyed your blog very much. Is it Friday, already? Wow, it's Thursday here and I am headed out to get the kids dinner. How funny.

THE MOM BOMB said...

You and your hubby are too cute, and I'm totally digging your disco outfit.

Welcome home from your amazing Hong Kong vacation!

Janette said...

WOW look at the hot Mama with that long hair! You are smokin' hot! =)
You two are adorable together!
Congratulations on your award! WOO HOO!

Kristi Smith said...

You're welcome!!! I can't keep up with you though. You are blog obsessed! Love those costumes . . . wish we did fun things like that besides on Halloween!!!

Lynette van Barrelo said...

yay! congrats on the blog award! yeah, Kristi is the reason I am blogging too. Cracks me up when I go back and look and the first few posts. How corny are they?

Kelly said...

Congrats on the award!

.....I'm sooo getting you on teh blog addiction thing..... !