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Sunday, April 6, 2008

we won!!!

after the most brilliant summer of friday afternoon netball, the weather threatened to (actually) rain on our parade. luckily for the weather (otherwise i would have been having serious words with the elements), the rain held off.

we still almost froze to death on the sidelines (check out how everyone is wrapped up); well, i'm in crazy coach mode (i would have made a great soccer mom!) and can't feel the cold, but everyone else could.

before i show you the photos, here's a quick recap of how netball differs from basketball:
  1. netball has 7 on a team, where basketball has 5
  2. there is no 'dribbling' in netball
  3. it's played predominantly by females; in fact, more girls play netball here in nz than any other sport. we are also very good at it internationally.

we are playing in the yellow bibs. there are 3 defensive positions and 3 attacking positions and the centre can go everywhere except in the shooting circles.

- goal attack and goal shoot (GA/GS), goal defence and goal keep (GD/GK), wing attack and defence (WA/WD), and centre (C) - get the picture? the centre is supposed to be the smallest and fastest person on the team. we pretty much have that covered, and she's a cutie too.

check out the look of determination on daughter #4's face (GD)

ok. before you look at the next 2 pics, you need to know i am NOT a crazy woman! my dad always says 'if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well', and that's how i approach coaching. i DO realise this ain't the olympics, but our girls (the northern lights) were undefeated this season; it WAS the final; we were ALL very excited (none more than me!)

i stood on that sideline for the entire game practically having kittens. they were never in doubt of losing the game, but i wasn't going to relax. to come this far and lose would have been heart-breaking for everyone...

check out that vein on my neck.....(sheesh lady. it's only a game!)

the girls had just scored their 8th goal. the score was 8-2 and time was nearly up on the clock. tara (in the red coat) had just asked me if i was going to relax now...

ah - that would be a no.....

(that's daughters 1 and 3 bonding on the sideline on the right)

the next 2 photos are posted not to show you the intracacies of the game of netball, but just because they are cute! what you have to remember about this level of netball (ie: 8-10 y/olds), is that for them, it's all about getting HOLD of the ball. doesn't matter that they aren't in a good space, or that once they get it, they won't be able to advance it up the court...

they just want the ball!!!
hannah practises her ballet, while sophie races to clean up the ball...
hellooooooooooooo! over here!!!! pick ME!!!!!
the elation of victory! check out the expressions on the faces of maddie and tash (GK & GD) as they race to join the group. priceless...
Northern Lights. winners, division 6
kelly sports summer league netball 2007/08

then it was miss 12's turn to play her final...

their team didn't win, but she's happy with her runner-up trophy
Little Miss Sunshine, runners-up, division 4
kelly sports summer league netball 2007/08

a good day, a happy day...


Reluctant Housewife said...


Netball looks fun. I don't know if it's played in Canada. Dribbling is the only part of basketball I don't like (AKA can't do), so this merits looking into.

Amanda said...

Your daughters look like star athletes to me. Now, after seeing your face, I know what pure elation looks like. Good job girls!

melinda said...

Hah Sue just look at that look on your face and the vein looks as it might burst. Congrats girls and glad you survived another season!
Now go relax!