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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i wish i was an octopus (that could drive)

one parent

one car

two kids

four activities

four separate locations

one absent husband (on a plane)

i don't know why i'm so bothered. it isn't like this hasn't happened MANY times over the years. maybe there's an underlying resentment that as a SAHM, it falls to me to make it all work while DH brings home the bacon. (not that i don't appreciate the bacon)!


Melinda said...

oh how I can feel your dilemma. Happens here so often it almost seems strange when he is here to take one in the opposite direction I am heading. I feel for you Sue! Just keep on enjoying the bacon- although aren't you also bringing some home now?

scrappysue said...

hey melinda! my new boss is still not well and i am limbo at the moment regarding job commencement. i have quite gone off the boil, but will keep you posted!

Amanda said...

Good luck. I'm sure I will be there one day very soon.

Kristi Smith said...

off the boil?

THE MOM BOMB said...

. . . and it all adds up to one big migraine.

The photo of that lady looks like me when I'm reviewing our tax return.

scrappysue said...

off the boil means i've gone cold on the subject or topic - not excited anymore. a colloquealism! amazing how we both speak english, yet sometimes it's like a foreign language eh?

Heather said...

Yes, I agree with your last comment, but I really like to hear all the funny things that other English speakers say. Then I say them and I feel cool, cause no one here really talks like that (except Sandie, my uncle's cute wife, from NZ. Too bad I can't fake a good accent!
As for your post, I definitely feel that way sometimes. Especially when the hubby wants to come home and relax after work... Ummm... okay... can I do that too? When is after work, anyway?

scrappysue said...

it does get easier heather! (as they get older). no less busy tho - hate to break it to ya!