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Monday, May 19, 2008

monday morning weekend report

i like using the words 'monday morning' in my monday morning posts, because it has a tendency to freak out some of my northern hemisphere readers when they surf in on a sunday and wonder in a moment of terror, if they have forgotten to go to work!

i know. sick sense of humour. get used to it.

friday night we watched our rugby team lose (on the telly, no rainy madness this time), but still hold onto their place in the semi-final to be played next week. YAY!

miss 10 decided to make this for dessert
but first she needed to take a burn with her daddy to the supermarket to buy fixins'
looks great!
other weekend events included a movie marathon. miss 16 and i watched this...

then this,

...and finally this
in preparation for this; a one-man star wars trilogy; "a gallop through the galaxy which condenses the three original films into a 1-hour show." miss 16 and i are going to see him on thursday night.
i also dragged missuz 10 and 16 out for a run. i'd like to say all participants were willing, and were happy to leave the warm house on a cool, crisp late sunday afternoon, but i would be lying.

"where are we going anyway?"
"why do we have to run uphill? it's just STUPID!!!"

strangely lush fitness plan participants (post-run). we started as 3, but lost one on the way. don't worry, she found her way home!
saturday morning dawned sunny and warm for the first games of winter netball. i was set to umpire 3 games, but was only needed for 2.

the first few weeks are grading games, so the games tend to be very one-sided and rather scrappy as players find their feet. miss 11's team lost 26-9, but they played a fabulous second half, and they are going to be a great little team.

miss 10 played TWO games - one for the A grade and one for her regular team (who are in the B grade). the A grade team won an awful 37 to nil. i say awful, because that kind of hiding is just no fun for anyone. i know, i watched my guys be on the losing end. her second game was a much more even 12-3 (they won that too).

that's me in the yellow all business with me whistle. the woman on the far left (in the sunglasses) had the tamerity to question one of my calls! i wasn't sure whether she was one of our parents (i don't know all the families in our team yet), and that's the only thing that stopped me from handing her my whistle!!!

miss 11's team photo. the grass was quite dewy (sp?) and they were all worried about getting wet knees!
photographing kids is like herding sheep!

hope you all had a fun weekend too!

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Amanda said...

Jonathon and I spent the weekend watching Star Wars, too. But we watched the new ones. We have one more new one then we start the old ones.

That lady wasn't too smart to mess with you about your call. You looked very intense with that whistle.