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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a layout, a new 'do' and kids that make us proud

did this layout for the #8 wired fortnightly challenge. i'm REALLY happy with it!
my new 'do'! went dark this time. ya like it?

our school beneath the mountain (it's a line from the school song). pretty cool huh? the school brought the cross country forward a day because the weather is meant to crap out big time tomorrow. wise choice wasn't it? check out that sunshine.

see that tv tower on the right? tara and i walked all the way across the ridge from the left. just gorgeous. i'm going to do a photo diary next time we head up that way.
i have put orange daisies over miss 10's friends' faces, coz i can't be bothered phoning them all to ask if it's ok to post their pics! here they are doing the 'kentucky fried chicken and pizza hut' song while waiting to start. do you guys have that?
and they're off!
on the home stretch! miss 10 is not running alone because she's streets ahead of the pack, however she would like you to know she finished a creditable 19th, and that she's very happy with her performance.
i love the way the boys are high-5ing her as she crosses the line
i'm done! i'm happy, now can we please find some shade!


Susan said...

Looking good with the new "do"!

Heather said...

I like the new color- it emphasizes your eyes! I had to laugh about your daughter's t-shirt. I was just wearing one just like it (white) with I heart NY. Love those "I heart" shirts! Maybe some day I will go somewhere cool and out of the country. Ethan loves his NY one and I brought him one from DC too. MAYBE someday it will be I heart NZ :)

scrappysue said...

maybe one day i'll send you one! i actually took some pics of miss 10 and her friend, coz her friend had a 'i heart NY' t-shirt on, but i couldn't be bothered contacting her mum to ask if it was ok to post the pic! (she's on the far right in the pic where they are starting the race)

Amanda said...

I think she should be proud of her standing in the race. If I had been in the race everyone would have gone home and totally forgot about me before I got to the finish line. I'm just not a runner. I can power walk with the best of 'em but I'm not a runner.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Aw! She looks so proud in that last photo. Great job, 10!

I love your new 'do. Your eyes are a very pretty colour too.

melinda said...

I do, I do I like your new do!!

Trying to catch up on all I missed


Sandra said...

Hi there!

Visiting your blog for the first time via the scrapbooking forum.

LOVE your blog! :)

We have a few things in common, lol. I was a St John Ambulance cadet for many years. (you are the first person I have seen write about it in a blog so far! It was a buzz to hear you and hubby met through the Brigade!)

We planned to stop at three children but nature had other ideas and #4 came along unplanned. (There are officially five including hubbies daughter from his first marriage)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your long weekend. Hope the pooey aroma leaves your garden ASAP :)