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Thursday, May 22, 2008

saving the world in her lunch hour

not content to be in one rock band, miss 16 is the drummer for 'flamingo pink', who debuted today as part of a world vision lunch-time concert at her college to raise money for the victims of cyclone nargis in myanmar.

'flamingo pink' are still in their garage phase, but were well received. being a female drummer brings with it a huge amount of kudos and my little rock chick always gets the biggest cheer (says she puffing her chest out with pride).

with the awful backlight, bright sun outside, small lense, no decent flash and the fact that i had to stand against the wall in my quest to keep a low profile ("you can come as long as you don't embarrass me!"), i've had to photoshop the crap out of these pics just to get them looking halfway decent.

you get the idea. teenagers, for all their alien behaviour, are really thoughtful junior citizens of the world.


Kristi Smith said...

The bad lighting just adds to the rock-n-roll feel of the photos. ;)

Love your new do.

Heather said...

Sue, I am glad you like it here :)
I am not sure my mountains are as pretty as yours! Maybe Wellington could lend some lush green as well, it is so blah here!!! Haha. It is beautiful too, I suppose!
Your 16 year old is in college? Holy cow!
You do such cute layouts. I really need to get back to scrapbooking. I spend all my creative time making things for boutiques. One day soon, I will manage my time better :)
That is great that your daughter is working for a cause! All these crazy disasters... hope none happen to us, eh? That would really be scary, I really feel bad for those people!

scrappysue said...

my 16 y/o is in college, but let me translate!

primary - elementary
intermediate - middle
college - high school
university - college

see? lol. if you were thinking she's a genius or something - she IS pretty bright, but then i'm biased.

Amanda said...

Do you think the guitar player on the left might be why she's in the band. How cute is he.

I know. I know she's got real talent and didn't do it for a boy, I'm just sayin, he's pretty cute.

I'll be the first ticket buyer when they make their tour to Georgia.

scrappysue said...

oh amanda, i'm peeing my pants with laughter. you have no idea! that's rian in the white shirt. she and katelin went out for 4 months when they were 14. he was MADLY in love. when she broke his heart he wrote a song about it (an angry song!) finn (in the hat) adored her from afar before he got up the courage to ask her out last month, but she 'just doesn't feel that way about him'. who'd be a teenage boy? life's tough! not that my daughter's a maneater. she can't help it if she's incredibly talented AND gorgeous!!! signed one proud mum :)

scrappysue said...

ooops! HE and katelin! altho he's a self-confessed 'metro' lol