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Monday, May 5, 2008

not-so-freaky monday and a winner

not sure if we share the same mothers' day or not. anyhoo, ours is this sunday and this is the card i made for my mum. she makes cards too and we have some fun when we get together. she doesn't have as much in her 'stash' as i do, so she's like a kid in a candy store when we make cards at my place.

wanted to share a couple of layouts too. this one was for creative therapy catalyst #4 'what you like best about yourself'. this pic shows me completing my first (and thusfar, LAST!) triathlon. i'm terrified of swimming in the sea, so i was fairly happy with my ability to 'leap into the great unknown'.

this was for the design experiment challenge blog the week our fabulous kristi was their guest designer. we had to scrap a childhood fear.

i had this insane dream (well, nightmare actually) that at 10.30 every night (before i could tell the time, and when i was fast asleep) a man in full scuba gear would unlatch our back gate and flip flop up the path that ran behind my bedroom window. when he got the back door and started to turn the lock, that's when i'd wake up. it's tough being a kid sometimes!

and this is just a totally random photo i thought i would share; although if you saw the part of town it came from, you'd know it's not THAT random! it's from cuba street, a unique part of wellington city, featuring many 'interesting' stores, populated by an eccletic bunch of people.
so really, this mannequin wearing a straight jacket, using an old-fashioned dentist's drill on an armless mannequin covered in party mix lollies (candy) isn't really that strange, considering it's geography. these 'guys'(?) were in a store called 'hunters and collectors'.
i was all set to make my re-entry (after some 19+ years) into the paid workforce today. i was totally psyched too, and when i say psyched - i mean i was totally freaking out!!! my new boss is ill this week, so i now have a week to get psyched up all over again.
where will i be working you ask? i reply - i will be working in a resthome, helping the new manager implement operating systems. while the standard of care at this particular establishment is wonderful, the operating system has laboured in the 18th century and the new manager has a big job bringing it into the 21st century.
this is apparently where i step in. not entirely sure whether i will be in a personal assistant role, or project management; either way, it's pretty exciting. i'm just having a hard time getting my head around the fact that i won't be (for the most part) 'at home'.
simpler times...*sigh*
i shall keep you all posted! in the meantime, any tips, tricks, suggestions or advice will be graciously accepted.
and now for the big reveal... heather correctly identified miss 16's bestie as being #5 in the front row, looking all whimsical with her brolly. heather, you're bound to still have some chocolate leftover (right???) lol, so i'm not going to send you anymore. i'll email you when i mail your goodies (a non-chocolate surprise package!)

see? she hasn't change a bit!

thanks for playing along everyone.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

im sure your mum will LOVE her card

wow youve been a triathlon!!!

when i get out in the sea I always have flashbacks to JAWS i think that movie has a lot to answer for

all the best for when you start the job


Working mum said...

Love the twinset and pearls!

My advice for work: get yourself a mug and KEEP AN EYE ON IT!

(see my post "case of the missing mug" in case you missed it!)

Amanda said...

I got no advice for the going back to work. Sorry.
But you have given me nightmares with that weird manequinn window shot. Thanks a lot. Ain't no man in a scuba suit scarier than that.

melinda said...

Dang another prize slips right through my fingers.

Sue you are my hero for completing a triathalon- who cares if you never do it again. You can say you did it!!!

Good luck on the new gig and love the scrappy work!

Kristi Smith said...

Congrats on the job, very exciting. I used to work in a nursing home and I loved it.

Great layouts, so glad you played along, I need to get your gift in the mail!!!! I will do it this week!!!

I could not do a triathalon, I am too afraid of the water and I would drown without a life jacket on. ;) Go you!

Heather said...

Okay, I seriously had to say something cause it looked like her to me, and everyone kept guessing wrong, but really, you don't have to send me anything! I don't want to milk you for all you've got, in postage! I am just happy I was right :). You can mail me a card, if you want:)
So guess what? My husband is training for his first triathlon and he is less than a month away! And yeah, he is freaking out!
You make the CUTEST layouts (and cards, too)! And I think its so fun that you are able to go to your "scrappy cottage". Love it! How is it being the mom of a future rock star? Sounds like fun! Off to create. More boutiques this weekend... maybe one of these days we will start making money, right??? Have a great afternoon (it is 10:45 pm here)!

Janette said...

Love that card! love those layouts! Love the pics! Love this post! =)