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Saturday, May 3, 2008

ain't nothin' like a mini break

tara and i decided to take the girls to our 'scrappy cottage' for the night...

tara packed all the essentials needed for a successful night away:unbreakable water bottle, 30cm metal ruler and raspberry vodka. i know i'm not the only one who thinks these guys are the cutest! just after this pic was taken, they started doing the 'here we come, walkin' down the street' (ala monkeys') walk; which is weird, because none of them have ever HEARD of the monkeys!

i swear this one was only taken last week...Daughter #4 and i made up kits so we could all make mini tag albums. are you starting to see a theme with our crafting get-togethers?
the finished products (minus the photos in some)
i filled mine with just SOME of the fun times i've had with tara
it's a fun wee project. i think i might teach this at miss 11's school next term
there's a local pizza joint near the scrappy cottage that's SO local you have to be told where it is, because you would never find it otherwise! drive up the road, over the bridge, turn off onto a shingle drive, but when you get there....

it would be AMAZING in summer sitting outside. we couldn't believe it, so rustic and quaint! the pizzas had the most amazing thin crust, then they brought out FREE dessert apple pizza and started handing out slices. yum yum.
after all that good eatin' 'NANA' needed to do something a little 'restful'
THE most tasteless advertising board i have seen in a while!!!
(what were they thinking?)
do you remember were i parked the car?
we found this amazing curiosity shop, which really could have been a museum. it wasn't all fancy flash antique (you know, the 'new' old with new prices to match). found some more salt and pepper shakers (for the button ornaments) and spotted this calendar from 1950!!!
there's that bull again!
"mildred, do you have the keys?" "i thought YOU had them!" "why would you think that you silly old goose!" "i'm a duck! are you quackers or something?" (it wasn't until i crept up real close, so as not to disturb the ducks, that i realised the car was full of people!)

ah - a scrapbooker has no shame!
beautiful autumn colours in the park we went to today on our way home. an old fashioned park, you know - with a tearooms in the pavilion, ducks on the lake, gorgeous tree-lined paths. it was frikkin' freezing, but still gorgeous. we don't get that kind of leaf change here in wellington (2 hours south of where these pics were taken). probably nothing compared to some parts of the states and canada, but i was still impressed!
tara can do 6. how many can YOU do?
and the GIVEAWAY that has everyone perplexed. here's an update.

(click to enlarge)
come on people - work it out. i have prizes going cold!!!

i look forward to announcing a winner....SOON!!!!!


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

your mini break looks like it was fun :)

Tres Chic Boutique said...

Okay, my guess is #5, front row. I have another that I think is her maybe, but that is the face I keep coming back to.

Oh yeah and that car story is hilarious and I LOVE pizza, and if I ever come there (or should I say when? Thinking positive...) I must go there!

Mom of Three said...

That looks like such a wonderful getaway. I am SO jealous! I love log cabins, pizza, crafting and my girls, so what could be more perfect?

melinda said...

okay bestie are you front row #3??
You elusive girl!

That looks like a fun all girls trip Sue!! That pizza place looks like a cool out of the way joint.

Love your crafty projects- you should teach that.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

OK, I'm TOTALLY stealing that mini tag book idea & teaching to my Mother's of Preschoolers group. Got any directions lady? If not, I'll stumble around & make some up. LOVE IT! (Better yet, YOU do a tutorial!!!! Yeah. I like that.)

And that pizza place looks amazing! I love the rustic feel. And free apple dessert? Devine.

How fun to take a mini break!

Amanda said...

Oh, my gosh. I love the tag books. I totally want to make one. Then I want to go get pizza at that place you went to. I love it!! And I can't believe Tara could get ya'll all in there. She is a self photograph genius.