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Friday, May 23, 2008

what's in YOUR bag?

tara and i have a running joke regarding her car keys. whenever she comes over to my place, she leaves her keys on my counter. when she goes to leave, she can NEVER find them! i laugh, make faces, poke fun and point and she gets most upset, claiming that it ONLY ever happens at my place.

even when she's carrying her handbag (which usually only has 8 things in it), she still struggles to find her keys rattling around in the bottom. i on the other hand, could TOTALLY be forgiven for having the same problem.

MY bag is a tank. it's at least 12 inches wide (and tall), the contents of which could see a family of 12 through an earthquake. it's reasonable that MY bag would be hard to find things in, not hers.
tara said that i should scrap or blog about the contents of my bag, so i am.
i'm not going to list everything in my bag, because that would be a little OCD and you would all fall asleep on your keyboards before you got to the end of the list. suffice it to say, if you're ever short of a bike pump attachment, barley sugars, odd sox, chocolate, stationery items, movie ticket stubs and 3 flavours of lip gloss - i'm your girl. it's also good for weight training, as it weighs a TONNE!!!

so, blog this...what's in YOUR handbag? (pocketbook, purse, backpack, cetra, cetra, cetra)...


Heather said...

Once again, it is late afternoon, for you and I still have not left the day before (as in gone to bed)! No worries, my purse is more like yours. When I am carrying a diaper bag, its much worse (and needs a cleaning something fierce! Loads of crumbs at the bottom. Easy to ignore cause they are always hidden, but every once in a while, I will get them in my fingernails and it will gross me out!).
Have a good evening, I am going to bed!

THE MOM BOMB said...

Like most stay-at-home mothers, my handbag contains a taser for the children, a bag of cocaine for when I need that extra boost of energy, and of course my little black book filled with the contact info for all my torrid affairs (Jemaine's top on the list).

Well, ok, that's a lie. My bag is one third wallet and keys, one third old receipts and wrappers, and the rest is ancient cosmetics.

scrappysue said...

if only old receipts were legal tender eh?!?

Kristi Smith said...

Ha Mom Bomb!

I don't think I could show mine. Definitely an assortment of tampons and pads. lol

Kristi Smith said...

Oh and my favorite . . . i carry body spray in case I stink up a toilet. lol

Daryl said...

Stop by my blog next Thursday and I promise to share the contents of my bag .. what a fun idea!