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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sasha's new friend

because miss 16 has 169 hours worth of activities in a 168 hour week;
because the small car isn't always available when she needs it;
because we're environmentally conscious, frustrated at the price of petrol, and because 'bonnie' is a one man bike, we decided to buy a scooter for miss 16 (well, she's offered us $700 towards the purchase price and we're pretty sure we will take her up on it!)

so, it finally arrived from auckland yesterday, and we had one very excited 16 year old around here this morning as she rode it to school for the first time.

the children of scrapbookers and photographers are the most patient children in the world!

heading down the drive
heading off down the street. her first stop will be the petrol station where she will wave an oily rag near it...
my heart was in my mouth when i heard screeching brakes and smashing glass, before i realized it was the rubbish truck. sheesh! that kinda timing is bad for a mother's heart!

J.D.: Hey, uh, you need to move your car - it's my day to have the parking spot
Elliot: J.D., you have a scooter! Why do you even need a parking spot?
J.D.: Mmmm, it sends a message.


Kristi Smith said...

ACK! I would be a nervous wreck if my child was driving that! I am not helpful, am I?

Tres Chic Boutique said...

That looks like so much fun! I am a chicken and would be afraid of wrecking... oh yeah, and I am incapable of packing less than half my house in my car every time I leave my house... that could be a problem on a scooter... haha. I was just noticing your driveway and thinking that if it was mine, the winter's would be painful- you know, snow removal and all! Once again, I am loving the lush green-lined streets!

scrappysue said...

kristi you are such a wuss!!!

heather - the scooter has a huge underseat storage space AND the lock box on the back, but i'm thinking still probably not enough for

gigi said...

Yea, what an exciting moment caught on camera! I would love one of those scooters. Lucky her, sorry about your worry though. You just can't help it when your a mommy. No matter what they pull away in you'll always worry.

Susan said...

Very cool! My kids would go crazy for one.

Barney's Friend Chris said...

I have a scooter that needs new tires, battery and oil change ... this blog entry has inspired me to look into what it will take to get it going again. This petrol/gas situation is rediculous! It's a very nice looking scooter!

Pondside said...

Brave mama!
We're seeing more and more scooters over here - they make sense.
Had to laugh at the thought of the bad timing with the garbage truck!

THE MOM BOMB said...

She looks way hip, way cool!

Those hills in the background are gorgeous. In NJ, they'd qualify as mountains.