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Saturday, June 7, 2008

for once the kids are right

did you know june 5th was world environment day?

did you know 'my hometown' wellington was the host?

it's true!

'WED' is observed annually in more than 100 countries, and is an opportunity to raise awareness on environmental issues. The theme for World Environment Day 2008 was climate change with a focus on moving towards a low carbon economy and lifestyle. “Kick the Habit” (the ‘carbon’ habit) was the international slogan for the event.

at miss 10's school, they observed 'WED' and tied it in with "wacky hair day" - an annual school event. it's self-explanatory and a lot of fun. children bring a gold coin, with the proceeds going to the school's world vision sponsored child.

here are some pics from 'WED' at ngaio.

one of our substitute teachers with her '3 Rs' pipe cleaner headdress
very inventive don't you think?
this is miss 10's teacher. she's fabulous!
a little mosaic of some of the wonderfully wacky hair on display
as you can see, the kids tied their wacky hair in with the environmental theme
so lush and green!
how cute are those stuffed kiwis?
a poster for 'WED' in one of the corridors
and back to the title of this post. you know when the kids open the fridge, stare at it for a while, slump their shoulders, turn to you and complain...

"there's no food!"

for once they're right!

hungry kids: there's no food!

me: uhuh.

hungry kids: didn't you go to the supermarket?

me: i left the car at home for world environment day.

hungry kids: pfft. whatever.

keep the green people!


Susan said...

Gosh, how many times I've heard the same with the fridge door shutting. :)
Green is the way to go!

gigi said...

I'm very impressed with the great job your school did for WED! Lovely pictures and I wish my fridge looked so clean.

Sass E-mum said...

I thought you'd not been posting - turns out Google Reader isn't refreshing your ... refreshing posts.

Shame on Google.

Love the whacky hair - and your daughter's school photo.

scrappysue said...

google alerts are hopeless!!! if anyone can crack their code - plse enlighten me!

Pondside said...

Hi Sue - I haven't been around for a while, so I've just had a good read around your site. You've been busy - between dealing with the poo problem, volunteering at the school, injuring your friend's husband and arranging your trip to NYC and KC it's amazing that you've had time to write!!!....but I'm glad you have!

Heather said...

You are so funny! I love the way you talk to your teens. I will def need you to remind me to have that same sense of humor when my kids have grown a few more years (prob now too).
I am trying to be "green" but I am not the best. I don't shower every single day, but when I do, they are LONG. LOVVVVVEEEE hot water. However, I am a recycle freak and even go through trash (not too extensively though, I am not THAT good) after parties (at my house) and put paper plates, cups, etc in the recycle can. I figure that makes up for me driving all over the world! We also had someone come check out our sprinklers to help conserve water. So we are on our way :)

the mother of this lot said...

Let them eat cake!

scrappysue said...

you tell 'em marie!