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Thursday, July 31, 2008

173 comments later, we have a bloggy winner

WOW - what a week! snaps and thanks to all the bloggers who entered my giveaway. bloggy carnival central peaked at 1035 participants and i ended up with 173 comments, including a couple of confused ones who thought i was sending AUSSIE scrap supplies, or maybe a WALLABY. well, maybe if i was AUSTRALIAN - which i'm not!!!

so, while i have your attention, below is a map that includes australia and new zealand. click to enlarge and it's all fairly self-explanatory. once you've seen the map, you will see that it's hard to confuse the two. one is MUCH bigger than the other, and one country is full of people that talk funny. (i'll give you a hint - it's not new zealand) hehe.

that's a near neighbour joke, kinda like the american/canadian ones you hear on sitcoms (well, that's where I hear them anyway).

so here we are at the end of the world, but don't worry, if you come visit, you won't fall off. (i heard some weird rumour going round that the world wasn't flat).
here endeth the geography lesson
and on with the draw! miss 16 did the red extras for me, THEN proceeded to try and make me lose count when i was trying to work out which commentator won. 173 comments and 'mr random' picks a number pretty much in the MIDDLE of the bunch!

without further ado, i shall name the winner of my mystery prize! only one commentator said she 'didn't like surprises' and wanted me to include a link to a pic. as tui would say - 'yeah right!'

ok, drumroll please......





(whose blog is private, so i can't include a link - mysterious mona i shall call you!)

congratulations mona - you have won THIS!!!!!!! please email me your snail mail addy and i'll get your goodies out to you ASAP!

rather than entering lots of the other participants' giveaways, i have been spending my time visiting everyone who entered mine. i hope to get around to you all, so keep the coffee brewing.

until next time.....


~ alli ~ said...

Boy is my face red! Suggesting you were giving away Aussie scrapbook supplies!?!?! Thanks for the geography lesson and I apologize for the blunder.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Congrats to Mona for winning your fabulous give-away! I'm a bit jealous, but I'll get over it soon enough. Thanks for all the fun, Sue! You sure make life exciting for us bloggies. I've got the coffee on...drop by and visit...always love to see you.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Sue and Girls!
My bubble was burst, I tell you, when I saw Mona's name...I thought *I* was the only one who didn't like surprises!?!? And what a swell bunch of loot she has to gain! I admit I AM a bit jealous.

As for geography, I don't get New Zealand and Australia mixed USED to be New Zealand and Greenland...can you imagine? SHEESH! I've since repented of said sin and now have friends (several) in New Zealand, and I have threatened a visit, so I looked at a map and got this figured out long ago. It looks like a beautiful country...and is very different (apparently) than Greenland! Who knew?!?!

You're such a generous blogger...sharing your goods AND your family with us! We are grateful!

Paula Clare

Amanda said...

Congrats to Mona!!! I can't believe all of the fun I missed while I was away. That ramen place and the bowling looked fun. Also, my dining table is usually my scrapping table as well. Do you have to clean it off to eat or are you lucky enough to have two dining tables? I have found that if I have to clean up my scrapping stuff, I don't ever pull it out again. I'll be emailing you with my NY info this weekend...Hopefully, you haven't totally given up on me...

scrappysue said...

alli don't feel bad! when i lived in the states i spent most of my time telling people i WASN'T australian! lol it's no biggie and thanks for playing along!

amanda - i would NEVER give up on you lol! and no, i only have one dining room table, so YES - i have to clear it away - ALL THE TIME :(

gigi said...

Congrtulations Mona! It's fun being a winner, I know!