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Thursday, July 10, 2008

she's been scrappin'!

it really is like riding a bike; and just as much fun.

this is for paper pesto's current sketch challenge. miss 11 and her bestie went to different primary (elementary) schools, but finally ended up in the same class at intermediate (middle). they adore their teacher who gave them the nickname 'charlie's angels' due to the fact that they spend every minute together. this pic was taken before their first school disco; a copy of which is now on the teacher's desk.

this one's for the #8 wired fortnightly challenge "rock the pipecleaners". it was a lot of fun, despite the fact that my scrap space now looks like someone had a tinsel fight on it!
this is one i did for a previous #8 wired challenge to stamp your background and ONE other element. these pics were taken in january while we were camping.
this was for the so you think you can scrap challenge. i started out with such great intentions, but those WEEKLY challenges roll around with alarming speed and i just couldn't keep up. still, i love to scrap the everyday and i like this layout.
this was another earlier #8 wired challenge to scrap a birthday layout and i figured 'why not me?!'

PS: note to self - shrink files before uploading so as not to blind blog readers...


paula clare said...

These are all so gorgeous! It's really NO FAIR that you have such good models for your layouts...and ALL of them seem SO willing...except perhaps the reluctant birthday girl!

Love the layouts...oh, and I LOVE to be blinded by creativity!

Melinda said...

Ha Sue I like your note to self- I do the same thing. I guess it just takes so much blasted time to get the pics loaded and then fight with blogger about spacing that it slips my mind to change the size.
Holy smokes you have been scrapping- fun layouts! Really like the one of the 3 besties.

Susan said...

Love all the pages. Makes me want to start scrapping. :)

gigi said...

Great work on your pages! I wish I could get started back scrapping. I just have so many things I love to do but none of them include cleaning, which BTW has to be done some times! Maybe one day.

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Nice Scrapping! I love it when people scrap themselves! You been bz!

I like the one of you and the everyday one.

You been cold?

Tres Chic Boutique said...

You do such cute layouts!!! I need someone creative like you to scrap with. Would you believe it if I told you that I can spend 10 hours scrapping and walk away with MAYBE 3 finished pages?

LesleyC said...

Fab layouts. Love how you rocked the pipecleaners