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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday - we have a winner!

- new kitty STILL cute (even if he does eat my scrapbooking supplies). me thinks all my cats think they're dogs
- miss 10's school centenary tea towel is VERY CUTE!!! i love how totally ginormous they draw their owns heads!
- can i hear a shout out for the crap weather? thought not, but i'll bet the ducks are happy

- i got my teeth cleaned today - and it was FREE! (a buy one gum surgery, get one teeth cleaning free if you will...)

- had a great walk with tara today. we only got a little cold and wet

- still buzzing over mammia movie AND planning our next girls' night!

- clocked up my 5000th bloggy visitor - they didn't leave a comment, but yay anyway!

- i volunteered for the blood service yesterday. we bled 96 people - mwahahahaha!

- i'm going on my first official motor bike road (day) trip event this weekend and i have brand spanking new biker chick pants just for the occasion!

- still loving my pellet burner. we would be so totally freezing this winter without it

- miss 11 and i made cards for the 2sketches4you blog again last night

- aaaaaaaaaaaaaand..............we have a winner for my 5000th visitor GIVEAWAY!!! one strangely lush mother (sass) correctly matched my little darlings with their baby photos. awwwwwwww.......
sass, send me your addy and i'll get the CDs and some yummy chocolate off to you pronto!

thanks for playing along everyone!


Angel Gurl said...

great list there and I tell you I was on a natural high after seeing the movie it rates up there in the feel good factor. I hear you on the pellet fire feels good allright. Cute cards too.

Kazan Clark said...

Love BOTH the cards - quite a lot of talent packed into an 11 year old :) Super job on the sketches ladies :)

Mandyb said...

yeah love the cards.... and what a great list of wahoo hoots.... yah for the winner too - enjoy

Jacey's Mom said...

Beautiful cards!
Take care,

kath said...

gorgeous cards

Sass E-mum said...

Oh man! That's great. I had such a rubbish journey home and that has COMPLETELY cheered me up. That addy is on it's way to you right now.

Thank you!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

My home schooler made one of those tea towels long ago when he was a kindy boy we did have it :)


Amanda said...

Congrats Sass!! You totally deserve it!!!!

Katie said...

Love your cards again this week! What a fun blog you have here :)


gigi said...

Sounds like you had one more fun week! Congratulations Sass! It's so fun to win and win Chocolate, at that!!

Amy said...

Well shucks, I missed the give away! :) Your girls are gorgeous!

thanks for stopping by my blog...I will be sending you some warm long as you do the same for me when we're in January!

Bonus on the free teeth cleaning!!

melanie said...

great cards, they look lovely

Tres Chic Boutique said...

They are beauties!
Thanks for posting that comment on my blog, cause I think it helped any readers catch on (to that stupid email misshap) while I was out of town and could not do anything about it. Grazie!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yay Sass! Couldna gone to a better blog lady. (unless it went to me... haha, but I kid).