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Monday, July 21, 2008

monday morning weekend report

well, the school holidays are over for another 10 weeks, and we had a wonderful two week break. of course the weather is beautiful and sunny now that everyone's disappeared back into their classrooms, but isn't that always the way?

on saturday i went to a local farmers market and found THESE!!!
we finished the holidays with a trip to a local winter carnival. we watched around 100 crazy folks leap into the water in fancy dress. DH figured the water temp to be around 11 deg C (that's 51 to you north american folks out there). it was around 11 OUT of the water, but probably less with the windchill as we were right on the beach.
miss 10 and miss 11 ponder what possesses people to swim in the ocean in the middle of winter
i don't know this guy, but he was pretty happy to give me a 'post-swim' smile!
this guy won 'best dressed'. he apparently makes a big effort every year
after taking photos of the crazy people, watching some street theatre and going to a photographic exhibition, we shivered our way home. the carnival's closing event was a fireworks display at 7.30 that night, but because it had been postponed from the day before and i was going out, DH took the girls on his own. this annoying street lamp doesn't do too much to detract from a great shot!
while they were watching the fireworks, i was at a fundraiser watching this movie. when the promoters tell you that this is the most fun you will have at the movies this year - they are right! i peronsally don't warm to meryl streep as an actress, but i did last night, and she acquitted herself admirably with the singing, particularly with 'the winner takes it all'. when this came on at the end, it was all i could do to stop myself from leaping up and busting a movie in the aisles. tara and i left the theatre planning parties and turns!

i know that meryl, christine and julie were probably wearing state-of-the-art push-up bras and industrial strength magic knickers, but i fully intend to be looking this fabulous and having this much fun when i'm pushing 60.seeing girlfriends young and old dancing and having so much fun together reminded me i need to organise another girls' night! it also got me thinking that my upcoming trip to NY will not be complete without a girls' night.

the only thing i'm only missing a bunch of girlfriends with which to dance and share an evening of fun - soooooooo i'm calling all new york female bloggers in the 30-50 age group who know how to have fun, love to eat, drink a cocktail or three and dance the night away (80s and 90s music preferred). daryl i hope this is you!


Mandyb said...

ooohhh am wanting to see this picture.... my sis and I are going to go.... also forgot to reply and think I deleted the e-mail (sorry) I won some more embossing folders for my cuttlebug as part of the challenge.... still waiting to hear from the lady though!!!!!

scrappysue said...

do u own a cuttlebug mandy? i've used it once at KS but it's so messy there! maybe u will bring it to joh's thing?

Mandyb said...

sure do - will bring with me... dont have many cutters though, heaps of embossing folders though!!!
(didn't realised you left comments on here... was looking for the competition post... wasn't at the top when I looked before so just checking... go it now)

gigi said...

I just made plans to see this with my BFF as soon as things calm down with Harry! I can't wait for both.
Thanks again for the treats and the chocolate was really good. I couldn't believe it wasn't melty or anything. It was in great shape. With this past weeks stress, it didn't last long. And I didn't share! To good. This was a cute post and you do so many fun things.

Tres Chic Boutique said...

That movie looks great, I am always glad for a good recommendation, then it gives me more reason to drag my husband's butt to the theatre to see it!
I am sorry I did not leave a comment, but I guess it was not me to be the 5000th visitor anyway! I am leaving to go to Lake Powell for a few days and I am swamped with tons to do, but when I come back, if no one has figured out the pics, I will solve it for us all :) haha!

Angel Gurl said...

Loved the movie and I was singing along lol, this I want ti own on dvd. When I was in borders the other day they had the soundtack playing and I must admit while it was okay I liked it more with the movie than on its own. Love the cupcakes.

the mama bird diaries said...

I just saw mamma mia too! Totally surpassed my expectations. i was just dying when Pierce Brosnan (aka 007) started singling like some lounge headliner. Hilarious.

The movie was great.

MamaGeek said...

What a lovely time! And Mamma Mia is fantastic, isn't it? LOVED IT!

scrappysue said...

the entire theatre started cracking up when pierce starting singing! i am going to try and find some behind the scenes interviews - i'm just dying to see what he had to say about his it! i agree with angel gurl too, i wouldn't buy the soundtrack on its own, but i'm def going to see the movie again! i took my 18 year old and when she got home, she went straight to her IPOD then exclaimed in horror "i don't have any ABBA on my IPOD!!!"

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

I want to come to your farmers market

cant wait that movie comes out on DVD


Reluctant Housewife said...

I loved the movie. Wasn't it fun. It'll make a great turn... hope there's video of it when you do it!