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Thursday, August 28, 2008


check me out peeps!!!

ain't nothin' like unexpected 'snaps' to end your day (and it was already a PRETTY good day!) i whipped this layout together, photoshopped the crap out of the picture because it was dark by the time i photogaphed it to submit, then emailed it through at the 11th hour.

that makes three guest designer/contributor spots for september! i'll be sharing my layouts as soon as i'm allowed.

the challenge for the layout above was to scrap sporting pics (to honour our olympians) and use at least 5 circular elements (of any kind). i used pics from our hong kong trip earlier this year when we went to the rugby sevens tournament. i just loved wearing our flag.

snaps for my scrappin' mojo!


Daryl said...

Well done!


Melinda said...

CONGRATS Sue- go you!!!! I hope I can get as much scrapping in as you have lately once our weather turns cooler. Way too nice outside right now to sit in and scrap!
Again way cool layout and congrats!!

scrappysue said...

that's been ONE good thing about winter - plenty of scrapping time. i spoke too soon about it being the best way to END my day though. after discovering my scrappy good news, i went to my regular late night movie themed quiz, where my team (of 2) got last again! this time we only got 3 lollipops for the booby prize (instead of 4), then when i went to drive home, i discovered i'd been TOWED!!!

Melinda said...

oh s&(* that is a bad way to end a day- the lollis you could get past but the tow had to suck!

Kristi Smith said...

Congrats Sue, great layout!!! What is scrapping? lol

So you were towed? My new Charger got hit last week, the front got backended. Made me sad.

scrappysue said...

scrapping - scrapbooking! quicker to write lol. kristi in a charger? i gotta get a photo of that. backended - ouch. your pain is my pain, poor car, sad kristi :(