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Sunday, September 7, 2008

fathers' day brunch in the morning, fly out to san francisco in the afternoon

so DH comes home from work on friday and announces that he's going to san francisco. on sunday. ie - won't be here for miss 11's birthday. he says 'maybe we could do something, just her and i - like tomorrow afternoon?' i say 'that's wonderful hunny. will that be before or after her 6 hour birthday party?' they try so hard.

in the end, after the obligatory cup of tea in bed and home-made card, our fathers' day/family birthday dinner became brunch on a beautifully sunny sunday, that included a walk along the inlet and an impromptu photo shoot.

me thinks somebody needs bi-focals...
the girls' fathers' day card included (among others), this insightful verse :

dear dad
happy fathers' day!
sorry my writing's messy
this pen sucks!
lots of love
the branches of our family tree contain a lot of nuts...
i shot a whole series of these then downloaded a gif animator to roll them altogether ala pioneer woman. i'll post it sometime
i thought i did pretty good job with my jump, but of course i got absolutely no credit for it from some of the girls. DH didn't want to attempt 'such foolishness'. i suspect he wants his almost 50 year old body to be in complete working order for his wonderful child-free week in san fran. [god i wish i was going]. oh wait, i am (just not soon enough!)

what a terrible mother. how could i say such things about my daughters. look how happy they are to be with each other. yeah yeah yeah. five minutes before that i had walked out of the cafe because i couldn't stand the arguing! it was over something terribly important like feet placement under the table...
here the girls attempt to spell out our surname. note: upper AND lower case was used
and in this one, our potty-mouthed children spell out another word. kids and shadows. priceless fun. i should point out that such language is not ever tolerated in our house. they were simply in the moment.
miss 19 took this one
then miss 16 took an impromptu yoga lesson
...just going with the moment...
then on the way home they sung along to this...


the quality isn't fantastic, because i crunched it down from 172MB to 31MB.
still very cute to watch. take 2 minutes out of your day and enjoy it.

happy fathers' day to all the kiwi dads out there!


Melinda said...

So cute watching them sing- I loved listening to you all speak a bit- love accents. I have always found it interesting that when singing there is none.
Love your pictures- the jumping ones are great - I laughed at the "shadow" language!!

Angel Gurl said...

love the photo that is a cool jump!!

Candy said...


LOVE THE pics.

YOU'RE very blessed;-)

Candy said...

...and the video is PRECIOUS.

Gina said...

OMG what a fun family you have. Love the jumping and the nut tree. Hilarious.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

what a really good day :)


Lara said...

what fantastic photos :-)

Amanda said...

I was very impressed by your jumping ability.

What a nice day for the family! That video was the best, though. Now, I only bloggy know you, but if I had to guess, Miss 16 seems to act just like her mama. I loved how the girls in the back were just enjoying the song and singing along and the older ones were rocking out. Good times.

I heart videos. Very much.

auntiegwen said...

Fantastic ! Hope you all had a blast

We have Father's Day in June in the UK

scrappysue said...

amanda, miss 16 is much bigger poser than i was at that age, but i guess you could say i'm making up for lost time!!!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh & LOVE jumpy pics!!

Kristi Smith said...

The video is not working for me. Kind of rainy here, maybe I don't have a good connection. :(

Cute photos!!!

the mama bird diaries said...

i like the photo with the shadows. way cool.

Reluctant Housewife said...

You guys are awesome.

Heather said...

Okay so I would HURT my mother if she a) captured me singing on camera and b) posted it on the internet! Your kids are such good sports! HAHAHAHA I was laughing. I wish I was as much fun as they are! At that age I really would have DIED if someone did that to me (too self conscious)!