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Monday, November 17, 2008

neglecting my blog

but with good reason!

tara and i are organising all the food at miss 12's school 'galaroa' this friday.


napkins, forks, sporks, plates, sauce, chips, tables, floats, gloves, pots, cans, barbeques, tongs, hot dogs, candy floss, sandwiches, sodas, you name it -we have to find it, buy it, borrow it or ask someone to give it to us for free.

hundreds of this, bulk quantities of that. it's like shopping for that dude in jack and the beanstalk.

we went to our local version of SAMS last week. it was like entering GIANTVILLE. i felt so small and my low self esteem due to my extreme lack of maths ability surfaced when we tried to calculate how many servings of nachos we could get out of a 1 kg bag of corn chips.

it was like the blond leading the blind. my head hurt.

my head STILL hurts, but that's because i drank too much wine yesterday.

our annual pilgrimage to TOAST MARTINBOROUGH rolled around and we enjoyed a wonderful day with friends in the sunny wairarapa listening to music, eating yummy food and drinking wine.

toast martinborough virgins should note the following:

  • don't drink too much wine
  • drink as much water as you do wine
  • eat plenty - even when you think you aren't hungry
  • wear lots of sunblock
  • wear flat shoes, but not open toed shoes, because at the end of the day, you KNOW some intoxicated winery goer will daggy dance their way over your toes
  • wear a cute summer dress, but don't expose so much skin that if you don't apply enough sunblock, you end up looking like a tomato
NON-toast martinborough virgins (and those old enough to know better) should also note all of the above.

normal blogging service will be resumed after friday when i will be PSFfing (i miss my PSF friends!) and reading your blogs and writing something way more interesting about how hung over i am and how much stuff i have to organise this week, and how totally overwhelming it feels.

note to self: stop saying yes when people ask you to take on REALLY big jobs!!!


the mama bird diaries said...

Good luck with all that food!!

Paula Clare said...

Repeat after me..."NNNNNNo....NO! NO!" (or if that proves too problematic)"Let me think about that" or "Let me check my calendar and get back to you..." (i.e. BUY TIME) It's MUCH easier to say no via the telephone and/or email LATER. Trust me. Been there, said YES to that!


Mean Mom said...

Sounds like you're really busy, but I'm glad you found time to blog! 'Blonde leading the blind.' I like that. Very funny!

Always wear sunblock. Even when it's raining. Better to be safe than sorry.

Amanda said...

Can't wait for you to be back. I feel overwhelmed all the time and I am feeling like it's not going to end. Ever.

Kristi Smith said...

HA! Your head still hurts from the wine!

Sounds like you have taken on a lot. I would be terrible at trying to figure out how much food was needed.

Good luck!

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Oh baby! I'm hearin' ya!

N-N-Nooooo!!!! (repeat after me)

I'm also hearin' ya on the open-toed shoes and the intoxicated daggy dancer... or kids that like to launch themselves off your pinkies.