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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday

short and sweet, coz i'm short on time!

  • woo hooo for the sun today!
  • for my coffee, crumpet and toast (and morning paper) made and delivered to my lap by miss 19 (in return for the car, but hey - i'll take it!)
  • woo hooo for the 4.5kg of streaky bacon donated this morning and all the other free food i've managed to score for the school
  • for the all blacks victory over munster this morning - JUST!!!
  • for the photostory friday post i've already managed to draft
  • for the 2 free tickets i won to toast martinborough
  • for the make and take i won at joh's stampin' up party
and a photo to finish. this is me looking relaxed at toast martinborough on sunday. i have posted this to remind myself that even though it's been a very UNrelaxed week, - relaxation will return (after the gala!)

happy wednesday!


auntiegwen said...

And because I am a good friend I will congratulate you on your rugby victory over my beloved Scotland.

We are gracious in defeat (we've had plenty of practice !!!!)

Working mum said...

Happy Wednesday to you too!

Ignoring school work to brows blogland and found your relaxing photos just the job!

Angel Gurl said...

hey great list.....for some reason google didn't let me now you had been updating, very strange and now its making wonder if I have missed others blogs. SOunds like TM was great, Mikes business partner was there as well and managed to sleep in a garden and was late in on Monday with a hangover...Just think you are in the home straight for the gala and then you can relax.....