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Sunday, November 23, 2008

scrappysue's day: as told by her shoes

not feeling much inspiration for the ole' blog right now. feeling rather overwhelmed that it's almost december and, although i usually have finished my christmas shoppping by october, i can't even think about right now.

this is probably for two reasons: one - the gala took up a LOT of my time during the past couple of months, and two: my sister isn't talking to me coz we aren't going to be here for christmas. loooooooooooooong story, and probably a familiar one to many!

anyhoo - i got my inspiration for this post from my CRAFTY DIVA bloggy pal nikki over at whimsy love.

i usually turn my computer on first thing and check my email while the girls are eating their breakfast
on this day i had an appt up the coast and miss 19 wanted to come with me (probably because i said i would buy her lunch afterwards!)
the weather cooled down in the afternoon, so i put on some sox and warmer shoes to go up to miss 12's school to collect her billet for the week
when the hubs got home, we relaxed on the sofa with a wine
then after dinner, i caught on some oprah before heading to bed
(i think i need new slippers...)


auntiegwen said...

You'll probably get some for Christmas ( I've gone and done it now, mentioned the C word and it's still November !!!)

I just refuse to think about it till the 1st x

Kristi Smith said...

Ha! Cute. Those slippers look like they do the job!!!

Kary said...

Looks like you were having a nice, relaxing time with your feet up and a big glass of wine! And I think that your slippers look brokan in and super comfy!

Melinda said...

maybe if you put them on your wish list the girls will get ya some for Christmas.

angel gurl said...

awwww good old family dramas at xmas time I so get that. Hopefully she builds a bridge because really is it worth the grief at the end of the day. Cute way to tell a story using your footwear....Sue I hope you have some nice things scheduled in this week for you!!

Amanda said...

I've been slow going on the posts too, but it has just been crazy. I had three thanksgiving lunches at two schools last week. At least one was sort of a pot luck. The others were cafeteria turkey. Yum.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Clever post, Sue...doesn't look like you lack inspiration!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Very cute post.

I like your slippers, they look very cosy!

marina said...

i live in my slippers!
Happy Thanksgiving!