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Saturday, November 8, 2008

we had an election too ya'know...

AND a change of government!

miss 19 was a first-time voter, but for whatever reason, was in a totally crabby mood and wouldn't let me take her picture.

the population of new zealand is 4 million and just under 3 million are registered voters: YES - we are an aging population! we had a 78% voter turnout in the weekend which was apparently VERY LOW. we've set ourselves such high standards!!!

and so we should - new zealand was the FIRST country in the world to given women the vote!!!

it was a gorgeous day too
. we took miss 10 to softball at 9am and you only make the mistake of NOT bringing anything to sit on ONCE...
warming up before their softball game
what a difference a week makes!!!
(this was LAST saturday)


Angel Gurl said...

Had a wee giggle about Miss 19 being crabby about having her photo taken. I thought it would be a better turn out than that more so with the fab weather too.

Sass E-mum said...

I heard John Key on the radio on Saturday. He sounds as hard as nails. I'm not suggesting he IS as hard as all that - but if there was such a thing as Premier Boxing, I'd put my money on him to win.

The Mom Bomb, a/k/a Folksy Mama said...

So tell us who won! Educate us American bumpkins!

scrappysue said...

so we had a change of government (just like you). a guy in his 40s won (just like you); he came from humble beginnings to be a millionaire (just like you!) john key of the national party is our new prime minister, but he takes over next week. no mess, no fuss (no big inauguration). that's the thing when you promise less government and less government spending - can't spend it all on the changeover!!!