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Monday, December 1, 2008

a very crafty christmas

i haven't been doing too much scrapbooking lately, but i did manage to sit down and make christmas cards the other day. it felt so good to sit for over an hour and just CREATE.

i really only intended to make enough cards for my scrapbooking blogging buddies that i met in KC (to go with the photos i'm sending them) - but i got all carried away; and that's a good thing!

i used MAMBI sticker border sheets i've had for over FIVE YEARS. it felt good to use some old supplies.
i made this card from a sketch. i'm sending it to blogger michelle (that we met in hong kong back in march), who's now back in st louis with her brand new baby girl!
elective week is coming up at miss 12's school. that's when i schlep my crafting supplies to school every day for a week and let the kids loose with them.

this time we're making christmas decorations (among other things). here's one i found online. i found it on youtube when i was surfing around the other day.
i was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new scallop punch from stampin' up so i could make this. i had found a tute on several stampin' up blogs. those stampin' up girls sure know how to create stuff. here are the instructions on angie's blog. hers is a video, and here's a still on sharlene's blog.
her pictures are way better than mine, but then again - she didn't have a cat swatting her ornament as she was trying to photograph it!
check out my cat casually SITTING on my latest scrapbooking layout! does she think she owns the place or WHAT?
i also tried my hand at the scallop ball ornament
here's what it SHOULD look like. can ya see where i went wrong??? (don't answer that). it was all my left brain could handle trying to put that sucker together, especially with my maths genius daughter laughing beside me.
it was like chinese water torture i tell ya.

then i made this...
which i'm relatively happy with, especially since i don't yet have the scallop border punch, so i used some more of those old border stickers!
i AM the messy scrapper; or as hubs commented: "a lot of supplies had to die for that huh?"


peata said...

love the craftiness happening over your ways at the mo.
am homesick now after checking out your blog. am across the ditch in sunny sydney. tgi gal born and bred.

Melinda said...

cool crafts Sue. Who is this bloggie buddy that apparantly lives close to me?

angel gurl said...

hey you have been so creative.....and creating up a storm...

Reluctant Housewife said...

Nice stuff! I'm crocheting up a storm over here. I'm making ornaments (felted & then embroidered), hats and scarves as gifts. It's fun and it'll be the first Christmas I've given hand-made gifts, so I hope they go over well!

auntiegwen said...

oh sweet jesus another thing I can't do !

I am becoming more useless by the year x