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Thursday, February 5, 2009

coming together

how quickly the mood of the blogosphere can change.

last week it was bursting with new life. it seemed like every second blogger was pregnant or about to have a baby!

this week however, the mood is heavy with loss.

many of you may already be familiar with tuesday's story. last week, two and a half year old tuesday lost her battle with cancer. then this week, cynthiaa lost her son aiden, two weeks before his birth.

a virtual wagie ride (one of tuesday's favourite things to do) is being organised for saturday.

take your kids to the park. take the bikes. take the scooters. TAKE PICTURES.

go see lee from moms without blogs on monday; join mr linky and post your pictures.

show these families we care. show them we're hurting for them, that we feel their loss, and that we're going to hug our children just that little bit tighter to honour the memory of their children.

grab it. post it. spread it.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, those two stories are so sad! It's impossible to read those blogs without tears. It does just make me that much more grateful for what I've got. I'll be giving that baby boy of mine an extra cuddle today.

Sue said...

Hi Sue...thank ou for visiting my blog...ditto with the above comment about reading those two stories without tears...How sad for those two families, having a very young granddaughter I can't even imagine what they are going through....thank you for the links...

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Thanks Sue - you rule for spreading the word!!

Nancy said...

Oh Domestic Godess what a lovely thought provoking blog. My hugs will have to be virtual ones cos my gand babies live in Oz.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Sue. I have posted about it too, and will be joining in on Saturday.

Kristi Smith said...

I read both blogs, so sad. A very nice way to remember sweet Tuesday.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

well said - many heavy hearts!

Leslie said...

As Tuesday's maternal grammy, I continue to
marvel at how she has touched so many lives!!

Thank you and your lovely daughters for honoring our precious twin grand daughter, half way around the world.

We long to visit your beautiful country sometime
in the near future.

Wish you could have been in Colorado yesterday
for the four block long Wagie Ride Parade to
Tuesday's memorial celebration on a beautiful,
sunny February day.

May God bless Aiden's mommy in her hour of
need with a generous outpouring of love and support.

Colorado hugs to NZ,

Grammy Leslie