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Thursday, March 5, 2009

a little bit of everything...

flick over at made my day when i was given this fabby 'fab' award. little did she know i'd been coveting it on other people's blogs!!!
in exchange for this fabby award, i'm now obliged to fess up FIVE addictions.

FYI and BTW - a person who claims they are without any addictions, is either lying or incredibly boring. so here goes:
  • chocolate. i don't necessarily consider this addiction, so much as a way of life. any kind of chocolate, as long as it doesn't have nuts in it, and isn't a hard caramel. so basically fudgy and chewy and well, hand it over right now.
  • wine. see above. apparenlty this week it DOES give you cancer, but i'm going with last week's dictum from science, that a glass a day of red wine is full of antioxidants and all those are great things that are good for what ails ya.
  • sales. i see it as my duty (PARTICULARLY in these hard times), to buy, buy, buy; and buy well at that.
  • coffee. PROPER coffee. professionally made lattes. i don't think i'm asking for much really.
  • blogging. ummmm, case in point.
remember this layout?
it was picked as the fave for the fortnightly challenge over at #8 wired. i was then asked to produce a layout on colour. how does it inspire me/my favourite colour etc.

so i came up with this
i've been told many times i'm 'good with colour' when it comes to scrapbooking. purple's one of my favourite colours and i think the sepia tone of this photo lent itself well to the double-sided brown paper. that stampin' up range sure has it goin' on

then there's this cool little thingee...
Friendliest online image hosting at

how cool is this?
go here if you wanna play too

here's a blast from the past! candice (one of my KC peeps) started a challenge on her blog and the first one was 'animal print'! it took a while for us to get on board (well, i totally left it too late) - but i came to the party in the end! i realised i had a tonne of stickers from our USA/Canada RV trip in 2003 and it was so fun to use some of the photos i never got around to scrapping.
this was the "bugs life theatre" at disney's california adventure. it was a pretty cool show, except for the sensation that a squillion bugs were crawling down your back! i still don't know how they did it, but it was CREEPY!!!

remember this layout too?
well, it got picked as one of the favourites for the month over here!

the line for scrapbooking mojo starts at my door...(hehe)


Kristi Smith said...

You are scrapping fool! How do you get all of these layouts done with your new job? Love the My Girl one, love the sepia photo. Great Job!

mandyb said...

great layouts... will be over shortly to collecy MY mojo!!!

auntiegwen said...

You are my long lost sister !!! x

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Melinda said...

the busier you seem to be the more productive you seem as well. did that even make sense? Oh well point is well done Sue!!

candice said... have really been a scrapping fool lately!! Love that you decided to play along in the animal print challenge! Very cute layouts!

SO cool that your daughter plays the drums!!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh Sue, you and your talent just overfloweth!

Anonymous said...

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the mama bird diaries said...

chocolate, wine and blogging. Hell yeah to all of them.

Shirliana said...

Wow. You're talented! It's always so nice to stop over to your blog and be entertained for a while. You always have such interesting things to see and read. Hope your job is going good. I love mine. S.

Lee of MWOB said...

Okay Sue - this scrapbooking thing is mind-blowing. I guess I was in denial and thought you were a lame mom just like me. But NO! Lo and behold - you kick serious scrapbook-color-picking-layout-making ass!! I am on my knees in awe.

And hell yes you deserve that award!!!

Happy day to you....


Chere said...

Most of your addictions, they are just a way of life. Being a scrak addict at heart, I love your lay outs. I will visit and enjoy all the additional blogs.

Kelly said...

Um yeah - how come the mojo's hanging at your place?? I need to come collect mine as well!
Loving the scrapping storm you've been having. It's given you a lot of very cool pages.

angel gurl said...

Far out Sue I have just been catching up on your blog, read 20 posts later lol. Firstly congrats on the new job, Belated Happy Birthday to DH, your scrapping mojo has well and truly been found, you are a machine woman. Well done to Miss 17 for conquering her fear of singing. Love those flowers you were sent. By the way that was a nice card you made for your dad. So glad you enjoyed the high tea.

Michelle said...

Congrats on getting picked as a Fav. I really love the London layout.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

awesome - I still want some lessons!

angie said...

Your layouts are really exceptional. I'd make you a button, but I don't know how. Our birthdays are on a few days apart! :)

Are you still up for guest posting? I'm going to put the volunteers in a hat and draw tomorrow.