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Monday, April 20, 2009

something to brighten your day

don't know about you, but it's pretty miserable here: monday evening just after 5 o'clock and it's barely 9 degrees (49F) and almost dark.

just got sent this, and thought i'd share - enjoy and happy monday...


Pam said...

I saw that one the other day too, it's really good!

Jennifer said...

That was so neat. I was smiling through the whole thing! :)
I love how some of the on lookers were jumping up and dancing and clapping.

The Mom Bomb said...

I love this!!! I just sent it to some friends.

And I just saw Jemaine live and in the flesh performing in Philadelphia! Be still my beating heart! He's still my boyfriend, even if he is married with a kid!

AND, I tried my first New Zealand wine this weekend and it was yummy!

McNew Family said...

This was SO fun to watch!!!! I had to put it on my blog! Thanks for sharing!