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Saturday, April 18, 2009

what are you wearing?

got my hair cut yesterday - the perfect opportunity to play along!

those pink bits are actually fire engine red!
so weird that the camera captured it that way
they love me at the salon - i'm always willing to try new colours
so - green scarf from the warehouse
brown/grey merino top from glassons
blue shoes from mischief and 3/4 jeans from MAX
tattoo by manu


auntiegwen said...

I'm in a nightie from Marks and Spencers that says "I'm usually gorgeous but it's my day off"

good morning from an unusually sunny England xx

Mimi said...

You are one hot mamma!

lailani said...

I want to be exciting like you and add that red to my hair! I am such a wimp! Love the shoes - tooooo cute!


angie said...

Love the outfit, and the new haircut and color! I need to find my denim capris and see if I need new ones for the summer. Cute shoes!

Under you at SITS roll call...again!

Debbie said...

I love the colors!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Love the scarf. Love the shoes. LOVE the hair.

Love the sense of style.

Sucks you live so far away, we'd have such a blast if we could...

lisaschaos said...

Well aren't you cute! Love the hair! What is your tattoo?

Jaime said...

You are so adventurous with your hair, it looks great!!! I think I once had fire engine red highlights in my hair but it was a mistake. Add Cheetos orange to that too!

The Mom Bomb said...

You've got a tight bod there, missy! What's your secret?

Jaina said...

Love the new haircut! The outfit is stylish too :)