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Saturday, April 4, 2009

the weekend where summer officially ended

a little scrapping to start:

this one for 'triple the sketch' one year anniversary and blog hop!
sketchbook friday night challenge
these pics were taken during our 2003 USA/canada trip.
i felt so sorry for cruella. first of all, she was frying in the almost 100 degree heat!
plus she had to be nasty, whereas all the other disney characters oozed love and affection!
and this one for creative scrappers
heretoformentioned disney characters oozing love and affection!
the girls are now TWICE the age they were in these pics
time sure does fly...
i received this 'lemonade stand' award from someone i've never bloggy met before!
so sweet - thanks krissy!
i think i'm meant to share it with TEN others!
a job for next weekend me thinks
this is the old navy yoga hoodie i won from jaime over at handful of blessings (during the SITS spring fling). because we don't have gap here, she let me choose an item online, then posted it to me! how sweet is that! thanks jaime :)
jaime is one of SEVERAL triplet bloggers i keep stumbling across - a year of blogging and i've never met one, and all of a sudden, i'm finding them everywhere!
  • i won the friday night challenge (last week) over at sketchbook. i'll show you my RAK (hehe) when it gets here
  • we got 3rd in a travel quiz last week that was run by our travel agents. food and plonk provided. totally free and just for fun; and it was. my parents came too!
  • the hubs and i are off to another pub quiz/school fundraiser tonight (shocking, i know)
  • i'm participating in a card swap that's been organised by my fave things swap pal ann. between blogging and card swapping, i think i know someone in every state!
  • school holidays start on friday, which is also good friday. even though i'm still working, i love the school holidays!
  • tara brought the kids over yesterday and we had a movie afternoon. we watched 'wall-e' in HD on our new tv. it was AWESOME!!!
  • daylight saving finished last night, which i guess means summer is officially over. boo hoo!
  • thoughts on my job so far:
    not good: not finding the time to exercise
    good: but i walk up the hill home from the train every day!
    great: find myself being EXTREMELY disciplined with meals, given that i work 5 hours straight and need to eat efficiently at my desk, ie leftovers!

    not good: shopping time has been cut to practically ZERO!
    good: not spending any money, and EARNING money! (that's a win, win right there)

    good: i love my new job
    great: they love me too!

    good: my car is staying in the garage most of the day as i get a ride into town with the hubs.
    great: we're saving on gas!

    so it's all happy happy right now, however i realise there'll be days when things don't go so well; sick kids, getting behind with house and family stuff, but for now - it's all good!
  • have you ever heard of the armageddon expo? it's a science expo that has an almost cult-like following. it features guest appearances from d-list stars such as kevin sorbo from hercules and peter davison - doctor who from 1982 through 1984.
miss 17 and her mate (who is also the lead singer in their band 'cross eyed mary') who i shall call 'giggles' for the purposes of this post - decided to make a TARDIS. they spent EIGHT hours in the garage and this is what they came up cute is that?

i JUST got back from dropping them in town at the EXPO. i swear they GIGGLED the entire way. they're entering the fancy dress event later in the afternoon.

i shall report on their progress!

and a question to finish.

i have really not had much luck with search dialogue boxes on my blog and i wanted to list my 'labels' to make it easier to find old posts, but i have so many labels, i wondered if there was a way to list only SOME of the labels?

...or do i have to go back and unlabel/simplify the labels on all my posts?

just wondering!!!

happy sunday!


Gloria Stengel said...

Very nice pages! And LOL at the costume! What fun! Thanks for playing the TTS Blog Hop!

iMommy said...

No luck with a straight-up Google Search box, huh? I find it's really effective on my blog. Not sure about the labels. Do a search on Label Clouds -- sometimes you can limit it to show only the most popular labels.

Congrats on the new job!

Kristi Smith said...

Glad things are going well! Love the costume! Great layouts, you get so much done for a working woman!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow! You are one busy lady!! I'm happy that everything is going so well with you though - great job!

Melinda said...

I am giggling at the costume...very creative girls!

Glad that things are still looking up for the working woman.

Good for you on getting some scrapping time in.

Jaime said...

I'm so glad your hoodie arrived and that you like it! :) You definitely are a busy lady. You give me a run for my money!

Roxane said...

Cross Eyed Marry! what a great name for a band LOL

mandyb said...

summer has ended alright!!!! glad to hear you are LOVING your job....

Lynette van Barrelo said...

You sound well, happy, busy and loving your job! My hubby just flew back from Wgtn and said he was cold. Loved the view from the Paekake(?) hill though. Paekakareke??? Thinking back about the spelling from 35 years ago... ugh... getting old.

the mama bird diaries said...

Glad the job is going well. And i'm sorry to say it but i'm so happy summer is on its way here! You can get me back in september.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
Glad the new job is going so well and that the coffers are filling!
That TARDIS is just awesome - how did the girls do in the comp? Did they get an autograph from Peter Davidson (who would not like to be listed as a 'D' list star, I suspect!!).

Shirliana said...

I sure love coming to your site and seeing what's new! Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I sigh, and sometimes I shake my head in wonder at everything you find the time to do! Superwoman Sue, not Scrappy Sue! lol

Thanks again for another nice visit.